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British Women Counting on Botox, Not Makeup During Recession

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on August 31, 2009

CB046973While many men and women are forgoing pricey cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures as they ride out the effects of the recession, some women are still heading to the doctor’s office to get their beauty treatments. And, some are trading their usual trips to the makeup counter in order to get the latest wrinkle-fighting procedure that provides guaranteed results.

According to a recent article in the UK’s, Times Online, many British women are finding more value in somewhat pricey Botox treatments and laser hair removal procedures than the average makeup roundup. Women are willing to pay extra to achieve instant results from a medical spa or cosmetic surgeon, and may even be using up their usual beauty budget in order to make it happen.

According to the Times Online, L’Oreal’s luxury product division has reported a 13 percent decline in sales for the first six months of the year, while Estee Lauder has reported a 28 percent decline in its fragrances. Fewer women are turning to their favorite luxury brands to provide the beauty fixes they need, and Botox treatments, laser hair removal packages and other non-invasive procedures are slowly becoming a higher priority for many. (Source: Times Online)

Botox and other dermal filler procedures do provide instant results, and some people purchase a package of treatments to save on the total cost of the procedure. In the United States, the average cost of a Botox injection is about $400, while other dermal fillers range from $350 – $600+ depending on the number of treatments required and the brand.

Eyelash lengthening products are another popular product during the recession, and these may soon reduce demand for over-the-counter eyelash thickening products and eyelash enhancers that once ruled the beauty department. In the United States, LATISSE is available for approximately $150 per wand, and promises to lengthen and thicken the lashes in as little as eight weeks. A similar product is being unveiled in the UK this year.

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FDA Approaches Allergan About Misleading Aczone Ads

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on August 30, 2009

bg-whyaczoneAllergan, the makers of Botox and other cosmetic surgery treatments, has recently been approached the U.S. Food and Drug Administration about its marketing and advertising campaign of Aczone, an acne treatment that was announced for the U.S. markets earlier this year.

According to a recent report in the Los Angeles Business Journal, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is claiming that the ads are misleading and that Aczone’s effectiveness is overstated.

The print advertisements ran in magazines and newspapers in Spring 2009 and did not appear again later this year. However, the marketing and advertising campaign did not include information about the (many) risk factors associated with the Aczone treatment, and as a result, Allergan is no longer allowed to run the same ad.

Azone is promoted as a topical gel acne medication that can be prescribed by a dermatologist. Free samples of the product are available online by visiting  and filling out a registration form. The current ads on the website claim that Aczone can produce results in as little as two weeks, and is a “highly effective way to treat acne.”

The safety and side effects section of the website reports that women who are pregnant or are planning to become pregnant, women who are breastfeeding, and individuals who have glucose-6 phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency should not use the product and must consult with a medical doctor before pursuing this type of treatment. According to Allergan, Aczone may not be a good match for those who are taking acne medication with benzoyl perozxide.

Side effects of Aczone include redness, oiliness and peeling of the skin, and if the patient uses benzoyl peroxide in conjunction with the Aczone gel, the skin can turn yellow or orange.

These side effects were omitted from the marketing and adveritsing campaign that Allergan ran this spring.

Allergan has been issued a warning and must send a written response to the FDA by August 28, 2009 before the FDA pursues legal action.

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Reigning Miss Universe Suspected of Having Cosmetic Surgery

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on August 29, 2009

missuniverseIt’s no secret that the Miss Universe competition accepts pageant contestants who have had cosmetic and plastic surgery, but many contestants choose not to disclose whether or not they have actually gone under the knife. For several years, hundreds of pageant winners from around the globe have been having plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures to improve their figures and increase the chances of winning the coveted crown as Miss Universe.

According to a recent report in, only elective surgery us allowed and is even encouraged during this fierce competition. In fact, many women come out of the competition completely transformed from head to toe, having undergone several surgeries and non-invasive procedures in order to achieve their ideal look. (Source:

The Miss Universe website indicates that contestants are permitted to use needles and scalpels in order to increase their chances of winning, and there are no restrictions placed on cosmetic surgery. In recent years, pageant contestants from Asia have been going under the knife to achieve a more Westernized look, while pageant winners from South America have undergone liposuction and cellulite reduction procedures to achieve a more svelte, pageant-ready figure.

This year’s pageant winner Stefania Fernandez, Miss Venezuela has been under scrutiny from the press and pageant fans who claim that she may also have made a few trips to the cosmetic surgeon’s office in order to win her title. Miss Fernandez is just 18 years old, and has neither confirmed or denied that she has undergone a cosmetic makeover during her reign as Miss Venezuela.

The last three Miss Universe titleholders have all undergone plastic surgery. Miss Universe 2008 Dayanara Mendoza underwent rhinoplasty to achieve a more sculpted look. Miss Universe 2007 Riyo Mori of Japan underwent a lip augmentation procedure and may also have had eyelid surgery. Miss Universe 2006 Zuleyka Rivera of Puerto Rico also underwent plastic surgery of the nose and forehead to achieve a more sculpted appearance.

(Picture courtesy of Entertainment Daily)

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RealLipo Technique Now Available in Louisiana

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on August 28, 2009

Many men and women interested in losing a few pounds around the waistline have been turning to laser liposuction and Smartlipo procedures that promise to melt the fat and deliver better results than conventional liposuction. However, many plastic surgeons who met at the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery meeting in Las Vegas this year pointed out that many patients did not achieve the most desirable results and that even the latest technologies have not been able to deliver exceptional results.

A new procedure by the name of RealLipo has recently been unveiled in Louisiana and is a step above conventional laser lipo and Smartlipo procedures. This liposuction procedure has been developed by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Simeon Wall, Jr. of The Wall Center for Plastic Surgery, and is deisgned to correct and refine the results of patients who have already undergone liposuction and were not satisfied with the results.

RealLipo works by correcting unevenness of the skin and removing excess fat without leaving any bumps behind. Dr. Wall, Jr. points out that this technique involves the use of specialized cannulas that help to separate the excess fat from the skin before removing it, so there is little pain and bruising involved. There are no lasers involved that may damage the skin tissues, and the procedure is performed in an efficient manner to minimize downtime.

Dr. Wall states, “In addition to producing more dramatic and smoother results than traditional, ultrasonic, or laser liposuction procedures, RealLipo usually results in little to no bruising and requires minimal downtime. RealLipo does not involve the use of heat-generating lasers or ultrasonic devices that can burn and melt the body’s tissues and cause severe scar contractures or other problems for my patients.”

The procedure is currently available only at The Wall Center for Plastic Surgery, a center that has over 50 years of combined experience in plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery.

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Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery Launches Twitter Plastic Surgery Education Program

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on August 27, 2009

krieger06The first and only plastic surgery center on Rodeo Drive has announced its Twitter page designed to post about patient outreach and education programs and put the spotlight on some of its latest procedures. Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery is famous for its breast augmentation, breast reduction, liposuction, laser liposculpture and tummy tuck procedures, and many patients visit the company’s website to learn more and set up their first appointment.

Medical Director Dr. Lloyd Krieger currently maintains a blog on the company’s website to educate patients about the different techniques used by the surgeons at Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery, and provide some insight on the latest innovations and trends in the industry. The blog also features posts by staff members that are directly involved with the patient experience at the center.

The Twitter page will allow the doctors and staff to interact with prospective and future patients in a new way, and encourage patients to do more research about their procedure. Twitter posts will include the latest updates from the blog, as well as news items related to the surgery center. Dr. Krieger points out that “With these quick updates, our goal is to provide people with late breaking news and information on what it is like to be a plastic surgery patient . We want people to understand the enhancements various procedures provide to overall lifestyle.”

The Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery Center is located next to the Tiffany & Co. and Chanel boutiques on Rodeo Drive, and is among the most high-end cosmetic surgery centers in Los Angeles. Patients from around the globe head to this center to receive treatments using state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technologies, and many head here for the first-class experience.

Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery Center’s Twitter page can be found @RodeoDrPlasSurg.

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UK Cosmetic Surgery Group Performs First Ever Eyelash Transplant

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on August 26, 2009

CB102742Many women in the United States have been lining up at medical spas and cosmetic surgery centers these past few months to get their hands on a wand of LATISSE, a prescription-only product that helps to create fuller, thicker eyelashes after eight weeks of nightly application. Now, a cosmetic surgery group in Britain has announced a breakthrough surgery of full eyelash transplants.

Transform, one of Britain’s leading cosmetic surgery companies, has successfully completed a micro-surgical transplant of eyelashes and the procedure is now available in the UK. The procedure can be performed on both men and women, and is designed primarily for individuals who have lost their eyelashes because of an injury or a medical condition. This procedure eliminates the need to use false eyelashes and products such as LATISSE and eyelash enhancing products.

Shami Thomas of Transform states,  “We often look to America for the latest in cosmetic surgery as they’re the pioneers in the industry, but not all are as successful and safe as this one. The Eyelash Transplant procedure is a very safe, cost-effective and pain-free treatment that can have life-changing effects.”

According to Pierce Matte Public Relations, the PR company presenting this innovative surgery, the eyelash transplant procedure takes approximately four hours and can be formed under local anesthesia. The surgeon takes a hair graft from the back of the head and cuts it down to turn it into a set of eyelashes. These hairs are then placed strategically into small incisions in the top and bottom eyelid, and the eyelids are left to heal completely.

Results are visible within days after the procedure, and full results can be seen within 4 months after the surgery. The procedure costs GBP3500, or about $5,000+ dollars. The current price for the LATISSE eyelash enhancing product is about $150 per wand, but results only last for as long as the treatment is applied. For many, eyelash transplants may be the permanent solution for achieving natural-looking lashes.

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‘Addicted to Beauty’ Parties Scheduled Around the Country

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on August 25, 2009

addicted-to-beautyThe premiere of ‘Addicted to Beauty’, a fresh new drama/comedy on the Oxygen Network took place on August 4, 2009, but the cities of Del Mar and New York weren’t the only ones celebrating. The show is set in La Jolla, California and new fans of the show in La Jolla to Chicago have been hosting launch parties and spa parties to kick off the season.

The documentary-style series is only eight episodes long and follows the daily happening of a medical spa run by plastic surgeon Dr. Gilbert Lee. Flight restaurant in Del Mar hosted a premiere party for the cast of the show. Dr. Gilbert Lee attended the launch party with his entire family – daughter Juliet, wife Lisa, son Justin and nephew Brian. Other members of the cast also attended the kickoff event.

The show is now running on the Oxygen network on Tuesday nights, and so far, has earned both scathing criticisms and rave reviews. According to David Stefanou, vice president of Oxygen Media, “Dianne and her staff wear their obsession with beauty on their sleeve – or, more accurately, on their face. As a business owner, Dianne practices what she preaches. She’s a living billboard for her services – a walking menu of all the procedures Changes offers. Whether or not you agree with their take on beauty, the daily drama at Changes is pretty addictive.” (Source:

Oxygen network has been marketing the show online with exclusive insider videos of cast members, blog posts, before and after surgery pictures, and trivia games about the shows. The network has also been promoting the show with sneak previews and snippets for the months leading up to the premiere.

More information about Addicted to Beauty can be found online at

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Medical Tourism Company Offers Free Liposuction for 1000th Patient

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on August 24, 2009

j0438472In an effort to stimulate business for the medical tourism market, Columbia-based medical tourism company Cosmetic Harmony has announced a special offer for its lineup of patients. The 1,000th patient to sign up for the Brazilian butt augmentation procedure will receive free  liposuction from one of the plastic surgeons at the agency, and can have their procedure in conjunction with the butt augmentation procedure if they choose.

Dr. Nelson Chaves, one of the plastic surgeons at Cosmetic Harmony, states that “I take pride to be a part of Colombia’s leading agencies. Cosmetic Harmony has helped me become the best plastic surgeon that I am now. It is time to give it back to our customers.”

Cosmetic Harmony has been offering medical tourism packages to U.S., U.K. and other consumers for several years, and has enjoyed tremendous growth as demand for specialized procedures such as the Brazilian butt lift have become popular in the past decade. The company offers complete assistance for booking the overseas appointments, scheduling accommodations for the patients, and assigning a bilingual personal assistant to help the patient during their healing process.

Patients that sign up for a procedure with Cosmetic Harmony often pay a fraction of the cost of the procedure in the United States or Europe. One of the key benefits of medical tourism in South America is that procedures can cost up to 70 percent less than those in the United States. This means Americans and Europeans can reduce the cost of their procedure, even if they have to pay a little extra for the flight and accommodations.

Cosmetic Harmony works with several South American-board certified doctors and a qualified staff of physician assistants to ensure the procedures are completed as safely as possible. The free liposuction incentive is the first of its kind offered by a medical tourism company in South America.


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Azzalure Deemed ‘Baby Botox’ for Subtle Lines

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on August 23, 2009

42-15653301While many men and women run to the plastic surgeon’s office to get a much-needed Botox injection upon the arrival of a few wrinkles on the forehead, others are choosing a milder version for a more natural look.

Botox injections can deliver an ‘instant facelift’ and get rid of deep expression lines and furrows in one simple treatment. Researchers report that Botox can also improve your mood, give you more self-confidence and increase your chances of landing that dream job.

However, Botox injections can also create an artificial, ‘surprised’ look that makes it obvious that cosmetic work has been done. While some celebrities and other Botox addicts prefer a super-smooth appearance, others would rather achieve more natural-looking results.

Many doctors in the United States and the United Kingdom are giving their patients an injectable called Azzalure as an alternative to Botox. Azzalure is designed to soften up lighter lines and wrinkles around the face, and may be more appropriate for men and women in their late 20s and 30s who only need a mild treatment.

Azzalure has been deemed the ‘baby Botox’ of our generation, and is designed to enhance existing features, not just ‘fix’ fine lines and wrinkles. The procedure involves a small series of pinpricks (rather than a single injection), and the filler is injected into specific muscles around the forehead to create a smooth, natural appearance.

Results last approximately the same as a Botox treatment, and prices vary depending on the doctor and amount needed. According to Dr. Aamer Khan of the Harley Street Medical Skin Clinic in London, “[Using Azzalure] is a balancing act…but administered in tiny quantities with an aesthetic eye the results can be stunning.” (Source: The UK Telegraph)

Azzalure has been approved in the UK for aesthetic use and is manufactured by Ipsen, the same company that has introduced the injectable Dysport to the U.S. market.

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Miss Plastic Hungary 2009 Pageant Set for October

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on August 22, 2009

While many people frown upon beauty pageants and the Western ideal of physical perfection, others aren’t afraid to step up to the stage and show off their looks – real, or not. Hungary has announced the first ever plastic surgery patient, only open to women between the ages of 18 and 30 who have undergone at least one cosmetic procedure that required general or local anesthesia. The Miss Plastic Hungary 2009 pageant is scheduled for October and is designed to be a showcase of the latest plastic surgery techniques and options available in Hungary.

Demand for plastic surgery in Hungary has remained steady over the past decade, and women make up the majority of patients. Many Europeans also travel to Hungary to get plastic surgery to save on costs. The Plastic Surgery Channel reports that the cost of a face lift in some parts of Hungary is less than half the price of the same procedure in the United Kingdom.

The Miss Plastic Hungary 2009 pageant is scheduled for October 9, 2009 and has been deemed the first ‘plastic’ beauty contest of the world. The pageant website reports that in addition to meeting the criteria of having had plastic surgery, the contestant must “show a perfect harmony of their body and soul.” The company behind the contest agrees that this is an unconventional beauty contest, and the event will be blogged about and feature live online.

The grand prize winner of the Miss Plastic Hungary 2009 contest will receive a brand new apartment, while the second and third-place winners will receive a valuable prize (yet to be determined). The plastic surgeon that performed the procedures of the winners will also receive a prize. All judging will take place on the day of the event by a professional, pre-selected jury.

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