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Before and After Photos

Before and After Photos - Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

View the complete gallery of Before and After photos of cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures, or watch some of the latest cosmetic procedures in 3D.


2 Responses to “Before and After Photos”

  1. manon said

    I am interested in getting liposonix

    I am in New York state ,is there a clinic where I can get liposonix

    thank you

  2. Susie Neal said


    I am interesed in stemcell facelift trials along with deep resurfacing. I would like to be a “Trial patient”. The reason is the following. I was losing fat in my face. I became frightened and did something I REALLY regret. I got one of those “dermarollers…the needling” that said it would rebuild collagen. I rolled and rolled my face..NOW I have SERIOUS damage,,,scars, elastin breakdown and true damage that only a surgeon can possiably fix or make better. I need help! I have shed many a tear at this horriable disfigurement from a product (I hope someone can get it off the market so this does not happen to another human).I would be beyond thanks to get some help with this. I know that the doctor would have to be very confident to even touch my face. He/she would probably see this as the ultimate in reconstruction..truly.
    Many thanks,
    Susie Neal

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