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Beauty and Cosmetic Industry Continues to Boom in Brazil

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on January 31, 2010

In the wake of the recent slump in demand for cosmetic and plastic procedures in the United States, countries including Brazil are reporting an overall increase in demand for many aesthetic procedures and beauty treatments.

Salons, spas, and even plastic surgery centers are reporting a significant increase in demand for beauty treatments and cosmetic procedures, and the market for beauty products and cosmetics continues to rise at steady rate.

According to a recent story in Gulf News, “the recent transformation in the lives of ordinary Brazilians owes much to the low inflation and economic stability brought by orthodox economic policies since the mid-1990s – a floating exchange rate, inflation targeting by the central bank and steady reductions in public debt – and to the expansion of income transfer programmes under President Luiz Inacio Lula de Silva since 2003.” (Source:

What this means for the beauty and cosmetic industry is that many Brazilian doctors and beauty professionals have been able to build new businesses or keep their existing business afloat even during troubled economic times overseas. In many cases, U.S. residents and Europeans have been traveling to Brazil to undergo pricey procedures such as breast augmentation, buttocks augmentation, liposuction and tummy tucks at Brazilian cosmetic and plastic surgery centers just to save on costs.

Brazil, and many other South American countries, are famous for their “medical tourism” packages where plastic and cosmetic surgery centers offer attractively-priced packages on popular procedures including liposuction, breast implants and facial plastic surgery at a fraction of the average market cost in the United States. In some cases, the discount can be as much as 50% or more off the standard price for the procedure.

The American Society of Plastic Surgery warns that it’s still important to do research about the surgeon , and also to get information about the track record of the plastic or aesthetic surgery center overseas, before booking that appointment.

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Korea Quickly Becoming Plastic Surgery Hub in Asia

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on November 5, 2009

j0164116Thousands of Asian men and women interested in achieving a more ‘westernized’ look are among the top candidates for plastic and cosmetic surgery, and a recent report shows that demand for plastic surgery is booming in places like Korea.

According to, people from China, Vietnam and Hong Kong are heading to Korea for facial bone contouring and cosmetic surgery of their eyes and noses. Korea has become a prime destination for these procedures because it offers attractively-priced surgery packages, and many Korean actors and musicians have reportedly set their sights on plastic surgeons in the area for their specialized skills and great results.

Foreign patients in Korea are about 33 percent higher in 2009 than they were in 2008, and most foreigners reportedly spend about twice as much money as regular Japanese tourists when undertaking their ‘medical vacation’, says the Plastic Surgery Channel.

In some cases, patients are willing to pay as much as three times more for surgery in Korea than other Asian countries, simply because of the track record of surgeons there and the fact that many celebrities have had their procedures in Korea.

Among the most sought-after procedures by the Asian community around the world are blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), lip enhancements, breast enhancement, facial bone contouring and rhinoplasty. Other popular surgeries include surgery of the calves to correct the common ‘radish shape’ of the upper leg and the removal of fat around the eyes. Laser skin resurfacing and skin lightening treatments are also at the top of the most sought-after list for Asian patients. Last year, Time magazine reported on the increasing demand in plastic and cosmetic surgery of Korean university students.

From Seol to Surabaya, young Asians were turning to cosmetic surgery immediately after graduating college in hopes of attracting the right mate and also improving their job prospects.  (Source:

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UK Surgeons Say Plastic Surgery Vacations Could Be Fatal

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on September 23, 2009

42-16474249Medical tourism continues to be among the leading travel trends in the United States and other parts of the world, but the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and several consumer organizations have issued warnings about getting plastic surgery overseas. Recently, The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) stated that they have documented several horror stories from Britons who have headed overseas to get discounted plastic surgery, and agreed that many people underestimate the risks involved with procedures performed abroad.

Many people head to countries in South America, the Far East and India to cash in on discounted cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures including liposuction, breast augmentation and tummy tucks.

While some doctors overseas have trained in the United States and the United Kingdom, the standards of the facilities they perform operations in may not be the same as they are in Western countries. In addition, many of the complications that arise from these procedures are not covered by health insurance or services such as the NHS, which means the patient must be prepared to pay for any problems out-of-pocket.

The president of the BAAPS, Nigel Mercer, stated that “it was a common misconception [among British patients] that plastic surgery could be a quick and pain-free experience”. (Source:

The Press and Journal also reports on several cases where patients experienced several side effects and had to undergo emergency surgery in order to ‘fix’ what the foreign plastic surgeon had done. In one case, a British woman who had a facelift overseas went back to Britain but developed blood clots in her lungs, resulting in death as soon as she returned home.

All individuals considering plastic surgery abroad must do extensive research about their doctor and the facility, and be certain that they have access to healthcare and insurance coverage should complications arise. More information about the pros and cons of medical tourism can be found here .

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Plastic Surgery in Argentina Booming During Economic Crunch

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on September 18, 2009

j0438385While plastic and cosmetic surgeons in the United States and the UK are feeling the pinch of the recession, some countries around the world are faring better during these rough economic times.

According to a recent article on World News, Buenos Aires and other cities in Argentina are accommodating for the budget-conscious patient and enjoying an economic boom as a result.

CNN reports that many Americans are realizing they can get their coveted surgery and procedures at a very affordable price if they fly to cities such as Buenos Aires for treatment. In most cases, cosmetic surgery in South America costs a fraction of the price of the same surgery performed in the United States, the UK, or Canada.

Medical tourism companies around the globe use this important fact as the basis for their marketing promotions, emphasizing that getting surgery abroad can cost about 75% less than it would in the United States or the UK.

But what about safety? The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has published the report, “Medical  Tourism: Is it Safe?”to highlight many of the disadvantages of having cosmetic procedures abroad. The ASPS encourages patients considering medical procedures overseas to make sure that the physician is qualified and to thoroughly research the facility.  It’s also important to find out what the post-operative care plan is, and how the physician plans to handle any complications that may arise. For many patients, dealing with complications overseas can be stressful and risky, and they may not be able to find the treatment they need if they are carrying certain types of insurance, or do not have the funds to pay for doctor’s visits.

Still, many Americans are hopping aboard a plane to get their procedures from Argentinean doctors that they have researched thoroughly and read testimonials about. According to Dr. Williams Bukret, a surgeon in Buenos Aires who performs nearly 200 plastic surgery procedures per year in Argentina, “You can get excellent plastic surgery here at two or three times less than the cost in the United States or Europe.” (Source:

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Asia Now the Second-Largest Plastic Surgery Hub

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on July 23, 2009

DAS035Extreme makeovers and dramatic transformations with the assistance of a plastic surgeon are no longer a U.S. phenomenon.

According to recent statistics, the multi-billion dollar industry of plastic, cosmetic and aesthetic surgery has been growing rapidly in Japan, China and India.

Marie Claire magazine points out that even though plastic surgery was banned in China until 2001, it is now a booming industry that brings in approximately $2.4 billion in sales every year. Plastic surgery spending in Japan tops $18.4 million per year, and India has also experienced tremendous growth in recent years. Together, these countries in Asia have become the second-largest plastic surgery hotspot in the world, second only to the United States.

Some experts believe that residents of Asian countries are trying to achieve a more westernized look with plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures. Demand for blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) is high in China and Japan as it helps to create a more wide-eyed look. Liposuction is in demand in India as Hollywood movies and the booming Bollywood film industry promote a similar ‘thin ideal’ as the United States and Europe.

Extreme makeovers by going under the knife aren’t only a growing trend overseas. Dying the hair blonde or light brown, wearing blue-colored contact lenses and going tanning are some other new trends on the rise in Asia. According to the makers of the Freshlook colored contacts, Middle Eastern women and even Hispanic women overseas and in the United States are opting for color contacts because these allow them to express their originality and enhance their features in a fresh new way (Source:

For residents of the United States, going abroad for plastic or cosmetic surgery may also offer some advantages. Plastic and cosmetic surgery centers in Asia may offer more attractive prices on pricey procedures such as liposuction, breast augmentation and facelift surgery.

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Miami Cosmetic Surgery Center Now Offering Bikini Body Packages

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on April 26, 2009

CB108183Bikini season is right around the corner, which means more people are opting for quick-fix cosmetic procedures and liposuction to achieve their beach-ready look. Cosmetic Harmony, a medical tourism company based in Colombia, has recently launched its lineup of ‘Bikini Body Combos’ specifically for beach lovers.

The experts there report that they see a significant increase in demand for specific procedures like liposuction, tummy tucks, breast jobs and thigh toning during March and the rest of spring season as more women look for ways to freshen up their looks before summer.

Cosmetic Harmony has experienced a significant increase in both new and returning clients who want combination procedures, and they’ve made it possible for more people to have them by reducing the prices and offering combo procedures as a package. Individuals interested in liposuction and thigh toning, or breast enhancement and tummy tucks, can now purchase a package and save a few hundred dollars.

Cosmetic Harmony offers a number of attractively priced packages for foreigners. A sampling of some of the combination procedures include:

Eyelid surgery + Nasal labial fold fat injections: Regularly $3,285, promotional price = $2,685

Face Lift + Eyelid Surgery: Regularly $7,825, promotional price = $6,785

Breast Augmentation + Abdominal Liposuction + Etching: Regularly $5,580, promotional price = $4,985

These procedures can cost up to five times more at cosmetic and plastic surgery centers in the United States and Europe, and the surgeons of Cosmetic Harmony have been fully trained and certified by the Colombian Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons does warn all individuals who are considering cosmetic surgery overseas to do some research about the center they are going to, read all the ‘fine print’ in the contracts and disclosures, and confirm that the surgeon they will be seeing has been certified by the country’s national plastic surgery boards and medical boards.

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India Could Become Top Medical Tourism Destination in 2009

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on January 12, 2009

indiaAs the western world adjusts to the impact of the economic recession and curtails extra expenditures, countries in the Middle East and Far East are finding new opportunities to promote products and services.

According to Dr. KM Kappor, the Head of Department of Cosmetic Surgery at Fortis Hospital in Mohali, India;

“Recession and economic slowdown is less likely to hit the Indian cosmetic surgery market as this market is still in very early phase of growth and will take at least a decade to reach the saturation level considering huge Indian population. Unlike markets of developed economies, India will continue to have more cosmetic surgeries and non surgical cosmetic procedures in 2009.” (Source:

People who had once considered medical tourism, or cosmetic surgery overseas have been putting their ‘makeover vacation’ on hold until the economy shapes up.  However, destinations in India, Thailand and other locations in the East are offering very attractively-priced packages for those who still want to get their procedure in 2009. Anti aging procedures such as neck lifts and facelifts, and liposuction procedures are some of the most sought-after cosmetic procedures in India, especially since they offer many a chance to achieve the ‘Bollywood’ ideal.  However, westerners can head overseas to many professional doctors’ offices to get their treatment at a fraction of U.S. or U.K. prices – often as much as 25 percent of the average.

Interested patients still need to conduct extensive research about their doctor and the location they will be getting surgery, and are cautioned to steer clear of offers that simply sound ‘too good to be true.’  However, there are still dozens of accredited facilities in India that offer surgery from plastic surgeons who have been certified in the United States.  The low prices and high quality procedures available may make India one of the top medical tourism destinations in 2009.

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Medical Tourism Declines During Weak Economy

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on November 18, 2008

globeDuring a turbulent economy, many Americans are giving up their travel plans to save on costs and expenses for the year, and the medical tourism industry is is taking a hit.  Medical tourism was once considered the ‘ultimate’ vacation for many, an all-inclusive package that allowed you to head off to an exotic locale for an extended stay while undergoing your plastic or cosmetic procedure.

Venues including Brazil, Argentina, Thailand and India were on the top of the list for many avid travelers, but tighter budgets this year have resulted in a significant drop in demand for otherwise low-cost procedures. Increasing flight and hotel prices may even outpace the cost of the procedure, leaving travelers with few options for saving money on their ‘makeover vacation.’

Add the financial crisis in several parts of Asia, and the medical tourism is experiencing its own ‘crash’.

Business Week recently reported on the issue, stating that:

“You might think tough economic times would make more people interested in saving money by having their operations in low-cost hospitals in Asia. But with the U.S. unemployment rate at 6.5% and rising, more Americans cannot afford to be jetting off to Asia for health care right now, says Toral. While the price of an Asian operation might save uninsured American patients tens of thousands of dollars, the out-of-pocket expenses might still amount to $10,000.”

As many Americans refuse to travel to get the procedures they need, some are turning to U.S. doctors and surgeons for surgery alternatives.  Instead of pursuing facial plastic surgery that can cost upward of $8,000, many men and women are settling for facelift alternatives such as Botox or the ‘liquid facelift’ that offer temporary, but instant results.  Liposuction and breast augmentation are other popular procedures that many Americans once traveled the far corners of the world for; alternative, low-cost options now include treatments such as VelaShape for body contouring and fat injections in lieu of breast implants.

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Foreigners Flock to the States for Latest Cosmetic Surgery Treatments

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on October 21, 2008

Medical Tourism to United States on the RiseThough many Americans are foregoing cosmetic surgery altogether during the economic downturn and weakened American dollar, plastic surgeons are opening their doors to foreign consumers who are ready to shell out the funds necessary for their next treatment.

Cosmetic Surgery Times reports that the U.S. dollar now has a much higher value against the Euro and British pound sterling, which means Europeans can track down lower-than-average rates on thousands of procedures on U.S. turf.

Attractive exchange rates are encouraging many consumers – especially from Great Britain –  to book a trip to the U.S. solely for their next nip tuck or ‘holiday surgery’.

Dr. Paul Lorenc,  plastic surgeon and assistant professor of plastic surgery at the New York University School of Medicine shares some insights on the recent market trends:

“There has definitely been an upswing in the last couple of years because it’s basically a bargain for them,” Dr. Lorenc says, adding that patients have come from regions ranging from Ireland and Europe to Japan, South America and Dubai. “If I had to pick one place from which I’ve seen the most patients, it would be Great Britain.”  (Source: Cosmetic Surgery Times)

Consumers in the United States are also heading overseas for treatments, but not to Europe.  Medspas and cosmetic surgery treatment centers in South America, India and Thailand offer low-priced treatments at a fraction of the U.S. price – often as little as 20 – 60 percent of the average rate.

Still, safety concerns about medical tourism keep many Americans at home and waiting for the economy to improve.  And for those who want to pursue their treatment regardless of the state of the economy, patient financing offers an attractive, albeit temporary, solution for managing the costs of procedures.

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Medical Tourism Guide Offers Education for Cosmetic Surgery Overseas

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on August 24, 2008

Managing the costs of cosmetic surgery can be challenging for many people paying for procedures out-of-pocket, but international companies are offering affordable prices and packages for some of today’s popular treatments.

From liposuction to breast augmentation, it’s now possible to get a procedure that costs a fraction of the U.S. average. Companies such as offer 14-day packages with flight, hotel and surgery for under $10K; patients can book a getaway that includes a facelift and breast augmentation, all transfers between the hotel and hospital, and two weeks of accomodations in a one-bedroom apartment for only $9,099. Other overseas packages include procedures such as tummy tucks, liposuction and eyelid lifts – all from an accredited hospital in Malaysia.

Still, heading overseas for cosmetic surgery poses several risks, especially for travelers who are planning extended stays in a foreign country.  Since the procedures are not covered by insurance, any problems with the treatment will need to be addressed back home – and at a high cost.

The Medical Tourism Corporation, a facilitator of medical treatments at internationally renown hopsitals has recently published “Choosing the Right International Hospital – A Medical Tourism Company Perspective“, an 8-page booklet that offers tips on finding a board-certified doctor, ways to gauge the reputation of a hospital, and how to assess the total costs of a procedure.

The Top Ten Things You Need to Know About Medical Tourism also offers helpful tips and insights about the growing trends for cosmetic surgery overseas.

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