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Experts Suggest Makeup Instead of Surgery for Under Eye Circles

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on August 30, 2010

Under eye circles can be the result of genetics, poor sleep or an unhealthy diet, and there are a number of cosmetic surgery procedures that can help to lighten up the skin under the eyes and create a more refreshed, rejuvenated look. Still, some experts say that makeup can be just as effective for covering up under eye circles and may be a convenient alternative to cosmetic or plastic surgery.

According to recent surveys and commentary from Judith August Cosmetic Solutions, “For a number of years, cosmetic surgery grew in popularity as the option of choice for eliminating under eye discoloration. According to recent surveys, however, the recession has caused a shift toward women, and men, opting instead for cosmetic coverage solutions.”

Men and women who want to cover up under eye circles can use custom-blended makeup and products designed to blend and match their natural skin tone. Camouflage makeup products can be particularly effective for covering up under eye circles and darkness around the eye area. These products can be blended with liquid foundation or cream foundation to create a smooth, contoured appearance.

Concealer is another convenient alternative to cosmetic surgery for lightening up the area under the eyes. Concealer can be applied directly under the eyes to lighten up the skin, and then blended with foundation to create a natural look. Several companies have developed corrective cosmetic makeup to hide wrinkles, discoloration and other skin problems in and around the eye area. When applied correctly, these products can help to create a rejuvenated look and cover up some serious skin flaws.

Cosmetic coverage makeup may be a budget-friendly and risk-free solution for many people dealing with puffy eyes, dark under eye circles and discoloration around the eyelid. A consultation with a skincare and makeup specialist can help to determine what products are most appropriate for the individual’s skin type and condition.


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Sharon Stone Shares Botched Cosmetic Procedure Experience

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on May 27, 2010

Hundreds of celebrities choose to go under the knife each year, improving their appearance with popular procedures including Botox, liposuction, breast implants and tummy tucks.

However, not all procedures go smoothly, and many a celebrity has been put under the media spotlight to serve as an example of plastic surgery gone bad. Sharon Stone recently interviewed with More Magazine, and admitted that she had cosmetic surgery that ended up making her look “like a trout.”

The 52-year-old actress told Phil Bronstein, an editor of the San Francisco newspaper, that she began to feel insecure about her appearance after her divorce in 2004. She tells More Magazine, that “Nobody loves me. I’m 103. My life would be better if I had better lips.” The actress underwent lip augmentation surgery as a result, and her lips ended up becoming excessively large and unshapely. She admits that the procedure was done in her ‘moment of weakness’ and that she promises never to get plastic surgery again because the procedure made her look ‘like a trout.’

Botched procedures are nothing new, even for celebrities. Stars including Heidi Montag, Joan Rivers, Bruce Jenner, Dolly Parton and Donatella Versace have all been criticized and ridiculed about their cosmetic surgery makeovers in recent years, and some even serve as a poster child for bad plastic surgery. While some plastic surgeons can perform reversal procedures, some celebs just aren’t that lucky. In many cases, the botched procedure means the celebrity needs to spend a significant amount of time recovering while nature takes its course, or undergo a completely different procedure to correct and modify the results of the previous one.

In spite of the risks involved, celebrities and the average consumer alike are still making their way to the plastic surgery office for liposuction, Botox, breast implants and other procedures. As the economy recovers, many consumers are ready to make the investment for plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures – even with the inherent risks involved.

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FDA Panel Recommends Banning Tanning Beds for Teens

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on April 3, 2010

Skin cancer continues to be the most common form of cancer in the United States, and approximately 3.5 million people are diagnosed with skin cancer every year, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation.

People that use tanning beds on a regular basis are predisposed to developing skin cancer at some stage in their lives, as the beds emit high-powered ultraviolet radiation that severely damages the skin cells and makes them more vulnerable to ongoing damage, and then skin cancer.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s advisory panel wants to impose new restrictions on the use of tanning beds and tanning devices, especially for children and teens. The General and Plastic Surgery Devices Panel, a part of the FDA’s Medical Devices Advisory Committee, met in mid-March to discuss the possibility of increasing restrictions of the use of tanning beds across the United States.

Allan Halpern, Vice President of the Skin Cancer Foundation, reports that there is significant evidence linking tanning beds to melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer, and that many young women who use tanning beds do develop melanoma at some stage of their lives.

Currently, the only restrictions on using tanning beds are to wear goggles while tanning. Some panelists want to ban the use of tanning beds for those under 18 completely, while others want stricter guidelines and restrictions on artificial tanning, either by requiring parental consent, or reclassifying tanning beds as a “Class 2” device that would require special labeling requirements and must meet certain performance standards.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) based in France, has already reclassified tanning beds to a high-cancer risk category, and has stated that the UV rays emitted by the beds are carcinogenic to humans. Some European countries have already imposed limits on the use of tanning beds for individuals under 18 years of age, and some are taking steps to ban the use of UV beds and devices for teens altogether.

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“Face It” Guide Addresses Psychological Issues Behind Cosmetic Surgery

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on April 1, 2010

Two models turned psychotherapists have published a book called “Face It”, a guide for women that are struggling with their self-image as they age.

Dr. Vivian Diller and Dr. Jill Muir-Sukenick make it clear that no matter how successful a woman may be, the superficial still plays a leading role in how a woman feels about herself. The book discusses the dilemma of two opposing societal views of beauty which encourage different perspectives on how women are supposed to feel as they get older.

The authors call this “The Beauty Paradox” and say that this dilemma is what leaves many women “feeling stuck” and can even negatively affect their self-esteem.

Vivian Diller provides a step-by-step guide for women that are dealing with the difficult emotions  of a changing body and face, and encourages women to take a close look at the deeper issues behind their need to undergo cosmetic surgery, or even purchase expensive beauty products.

The book features dozens of stories from patients who are surprised with feeling any type of emotion regarding their looks as they age, and identify key moments in their lives when they started worrying about certain parts of their body. Even those that were raised or lived in a home environment where caring too much about one’s appearance was deemed excessively superficial, reported that they still spent a significant amount of time and money taking care of their appearance.

The authors also tackle the issue of what makes a woman a ‘sellout.’ The authors recently interviewed with the New York Times, and stated that “they were not against plastic surgery nor less-invasive efforts to slow time’s march.” But, it was “choosing an intervention out of fear or unquestioningly” that is the problem for many women today.

The authors also appeared on the “Today” Show on March 11 to discuss the book. “Face It: What Women Really Feel as Their Looks Change” is now available in major bookstores including

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VASER Liposuction Featured on FOX Denver

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on January 1, 2010

VASER Liposuction is among the most innovative permanent fat removal procedures available and was recently spotlighted in a news segment on FOX Denver. The ultrasonic liposuction procedure was featured on a segment that explores the phenomena of “Cougars” – the type of woman that dates men about 10 to 15 years younger – and reports that one of the growing trends for this market of women is to undergo the VASER procedure to ward off the signs of aging.

According to Drs. John Millar and David Broadway that appeared on the show, clients from around the country and many foreign countries are flocking to their practice to undergo the VASER ultrasonic liposuction procedure to battle the clock. The VASER procedure can be performed to sculpt a particular body part, remove or transfer fat for breast augmentation procedures, and also be used as part of a facelift procedure.

Dr. David Broadway reports that, “the miracle of VASER’s gentle ultrasound technology allows the physician to perform a complete body makeover, and then perform fat transfer augmentations, all in the same operation…VASER’s precise and gentle technology has revolutionized the industry, giving us unprecedented control and capability to sculpt a muscular and youthful appearance. And that bodes well for anyone out there wishing to enhance their bodies, no matter their dating lifestyle.”

The doctors use the VASER technology as part of their “bodevolve” treatment program that promises to be the new generation of body sculpting and body design. The procedure is followed by a complete lifestyle and exercise program with treatment s at a medical spa, personal trainer assessments and evaluations, and guidance from the doctors and other experts to help the patient maintain their new physique. Both doctors are recognized as preeminent Colorado plastic surgeons and offer other popular “makeover” procedures including Smart Lipo, Brazilian Buttock Augmentation and Pro Lipo.

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Neurocosmetics Entering the Market in 2010

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on December 21, 2009

While demand for facial rejuvenation procedures such as Botox, laser skin resurfacing treatments, microdermabrasion and the “liquid facelift” continues to remain steady, cosmetic companies are venturing into new territory to offer anti aging treatments that don’t require a trip to the surgeon’s office. One of the emerging trends in aesthetic and plastic surgery for 2010 is the addition of beauty products called “neurocosmetices.”

These cosmetics are designed to not only make you look good, but also to boost your mood. The results of a survey by market research group Mintel show that these mood-enhancing beauty products act on the brain’s neurotransmitters to provide exceptional results. These go beyond aromatherapy to boost the mood, and are designed to not only make skin look flawless, but also improve sleep quality and increase feelings of well-being.

According to this report in, neurocosmetics are capable of having a profound effect on the mood and can help create significant shifts in a positive direction within a few minutes.  The products may soon be available in the United States, the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe.

Key ingredients in these innovative beauty products include Idebenone, a skincare active that has the ability to stimulate information transfer across the right and left brain hemisphere, and a range of nootropics that can help to boost the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine to reduce stress and improve the mood.

Other emerging trends in the beauty and skincare department include the addition of chromotherapy based products that help to enhance the mood and balance energy levels using certain colors. Kroia, the company behind the Chromotherapy Renewal Active Foaming Moisturizer, has created a line of products made with topaz crystal, neroli flower extract, and ginseng, and they are available in three different color blends to provide different results. The moisturizer is available in yellow for energizing effects, pink for anti-aging benefits and blue to soothe and relax the mind.

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This Year’s Black Friday Sales Included Botox

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on December 5, 2009

While many shoppers hit their favorite retail store and outlet malls for Black Friday deals, hundreds of people scooped up deals at their local plastic surgeon’s office. Several plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills to New York City took advantage of the busy shopping season by offering deep discounts on popular procedures such as Botox, dermal fillers and other anti aging procedures.

At the Simoni Plastic Surgery Center in Beverly Hills, California, patients received 20% off all surgical procedures if they booked their visit before December 31, 2009. Patients were also required to pay a 30% down payment for the procedure. For those that wanted to  stick with non-invasive procedures, Botox and other injectables were available for 50% off the usual treatment price.

Surgeons have been looking for several innovative ways to attract more patients this year, especially since the economic downturn resulted in tighter consumer wallets and a steady decline of ‘luxury expenses’ such as plastic and cosmetic surgery. Doctors have been rolling out discounts, coupons, free treatment incentives and their own patient financing plans so that prospective patients can still consider surgery or a cosmetic enhancement procedure.

Americans spent nearly $12 billion on cosmetic procedures last year, and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has yet to unveil the numbers for the 2009 year.

Still, the American Society of Plastic Surgery warns that patients need to keep an eye on surgeons offering drastic deals and discounts to ensure that the practice is licensed to perform the procedures, and that the doctor has enough experience to administer the treatment or perform the procedure with minimal risks. Doing research about the practice, setting up an in-person consultation and learning about all the risks and benefits associated with the surgery or treatment is still important, regardless of the offer.

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Ideal Beauty Standards Vary by Race, Study Says

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on October 23, 2009

sexy country girlResearchers have long pointed out that the Western ideal of beauty differs significantly compared to other regions of the world, but a recent report presented at the 2009 American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery Foundation Annual Meeting and OTO EXPO in San Diego showed that the esthetic impressions of people of different races also shows a significant variance.

The study involved reviewing the preferences of a group of health professionals who work with facial esthetics compared to the preferences of artists and sculptors, and a group of general citizens with no affiliation to the facial esthetics industry. Participants in the study were asked to review six images of six women between the age of 18 and 30 years. Each woman had a different nasal height root variation.

The preferences of each group showed that the women with a low nasal root were considered to be ‘most beautiful’ by Brazilian health professionals, artists and the general public, followed by the women who had a regular position of the nasal root. The least beautiful women were those that had a high position of the nasal root. Nasal root was measured between the upper eyelid crease and the pupil level.

The findings of this study were presented at the American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery Foundation Annual Meeting and OTO EXPO primarily to help surgeons understand how to tailor their procedure to meet their patient’s needs and achieve the ‘ideal’ facial appearance. While this study was designed to review the preferences of Brazilian health professionals and citizens, similar studies are underway to find out what the general populations in North America, Europe and Asia consider to be the ‘ideal’ beauty based on nasal root positioning and other key features. The results of these studies may be significantly different than the results of the Brazilian study.

(Source: MedicalNewsToday)

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Miss Plastic Hungary 2009 Pageant Set for October

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on August 22, 2009

While many people frown upon beauty pageants and the Western ideal of physical perfection, others aren’t afraid to step up to the stage and show off their looks – real, or not. Hungary has announced the first ever plastic surgery patient, only open to women between the ages of 18 and 30 who have undergone at least one cosmetic procedure that required general or local anesthesia. The Miss Plastic Hungary 2009 pageant is scheduled for October and is designed to be a showcase of the latest plastic surgery techniques and options available in Hungary.

Demand for plastic surgery in Hungary has remained steady over the past decade, and women make up the majority of patients. Many Europeans also travel to Hungary to get plastic surgery to save on costs. The Plastic Surgery Channel reports that the cost of a face lift in some parts of Hungary is less than half the price of the same procedure in the United Kingdom.

The Miss Plastic Hungary 2009 pageant is scheduled for October 9, 2009 and has been deemed the first ‘plastic’ beauty contest of the world. The pageant website reports that in addition to meeting the criteria of having had plastic surgery, the contestant must “show a perfect harmony of their body and soul.” The company behind the contest agrees that this is an unconventional beauty contest, and the event will be blogged about and feature live online.

The grand prize winner of the Miss Plastic Hungary 2009 contest will receive a brand new apartment, while the second and third-place winners will receive a valuable prize (yet to be determined). The plastic surgeon that performed the procedures of the winners will also receive a prize. All judging will take place on the day of the event by a professional, pre-selected jury.

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Hollywood Star Wants to Ban Botox for Actors

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on July 17, 2009

harpersbazaarIt’s no secret that many Hollywood stars and starlets are frequent customers of the top plastic and cosmetic surgeons in the country. While some go under the knife to get rid of unwanted pounds, get breast implants or get a facelift, others stick to less-invasive procedures in order to maintain a more natural, youthful appearance.

Botox continues to be a popular procedure for actors and actresses who want to get rid of deep lines and wrinkles on their forehead, but for some, the injections turn into an addiction where the patient continues to get treatments well after results have been achieved. The treatment takes only a few minutes to perform, and provides instant results. It’s not only popular in Hollywood, but also is the most sought-after minimally-invasive procedure in the United States. Now, one Hollywood actress wants to ban Botox use among all actors and actresses, claiming that it is like “steroids are for sportsmen.”

Does Botox give actors, actresses and models an unfair advantage in an image-conscious industry? Actress Rachel Weisz seems to think so.

According to a recent article in Harper’s Bazaar UK, Rachel Weisz points out that good acting requires the use of genuine expressions. Using Botox “irons out” the frown and makes people look very artificial. Ms. Weisz also reports that she is much more comfortable acting and presenting herself in England rather than the “appearance obsessed” United States.

Experts say a Botox does have the potential to fuel an addiction. A study conducted by Dr Carter Singh, a psychologist at Britain’s Derbyshire Royal Infirmary, and plastic surgeon Martin Kelly,  of London Plastic Surgery Associates in 2006 reports that many patients return to the office well before the effects of the treatment have been worn off, and continue to demand additional injections. The study found that four in ten people who use Botox end up having a compulsion to have more Botox on a regular basis. (Source:

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