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VaserShape Device Contours Body Without Surgery

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on August 24, 2010

Sound Surgical Technologies, the company behind Vaser Liposelection the Vaser ultrasound device, has developed the VaserShape system, a non-surgical device that helps reduce cellulite and inches in certain areas of the body. The VaserShape device is a non-invasive body contouring system powered by ultrasonic laser. The device is designed to disrupt fat cells beneath the skin by delivering ultrasound energy deep into the skin’s tissues.

Unlike other cellulite reduction systems, the VaserShape procedure uses two ultrasound heads positioned next to each other, and the ultrasound energy penetrates deep into the skin tissues to disrupt the fat cells. The power setting is low enough to cause minimal damage to the skin tissues, and most people see results right away.

Most patients will need to undergo at least five to seven treatments in order to see significant results, and many will require maintenance treatments every few weeks. Each treatment session is about 30 minutes long, and can be performed once per week. The VaserShape device is designed for those who are of average weight, but can be effective for those who are slightly overweight and are following a weight loss plan.

The painless procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, and there is no downtime involved. Patients can resume regular activities immediately after the procedure, and for many, it feels like a deep tissue, soothing massage. As of August 2010, the VaserShape treatment costs approximately $500 per treatment, and some doctors are offering discounts on treatment packages. Most packages cost between $2,500 to $4,000 depending on the number of sessions required and the doctor performing the procedure.

VaserShape offers a convenient, non-surgical alternative to liposuction and invasive cellulite removal treatments, and may soon be available at many medical spas, cosmetic surgery centers and plastic surgery offices around the country.


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Vaser Ultrasound Can Reduce Underarm Sweating

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on August 20, 2010

Men and women who are embarrassed by the effects of underarm sweating may be able to reduce sweating with Vaser ultrasound treatments. The same technology behind the Vaser body contouring device is proving to be effective for reducing the occurrence of underarm sweating, and can be performed under light sedation. The Vaser procedure to reduce sweating takes approximately 25 minutes and can be performed on an outpatient basis.

The ultrasonic waves in the Vaser device are powerful enough to damage the sweat glands and stop underarm sweating completely. This procedure is performed quickly and efficiently, and there is no risk of damage to the surrounding tissues. The dead gland tissue can be removed with a scalpel and minimal incisions, and the area is stitched back up to heal shortly afterwards.

The Vaser treatment can stop sweating permanently, and once the sweat gland is removed from the underarm area, the individual will not be able to sweat normally from their armpits. The procedure  is currently available at select cosmetic surgery, dermatology offices and medical spas around the country, and is an off-label procedure. This means that it has not been evaluated or been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The treatment is designed solely  for patients who experience severe underarm sweating, and it could be an effective alternative to Botox treatments or topical prescription products.

Vaser technology has received a 95 percent approval rating from US physicians for the removal of body fat, because it can remove significant amounts of fat without harming the surrounding tissues, nerves and blood vessels. The ultrasound waves are powerful enough to break down the tissue and heat up the surrounding tissue to create a smooth, contoured appearance. Vaser technology has been proven effective for fat transfer procedures, removing lumps in the skin caused by steroid usage, and now, for treating excessive underarm sweating.

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VASER Liposuction Featured on FOX Denver

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on January 1, 2010

VASER Liposuction is among the most innovative permanent fat removal procedures available and was recently spotlighted in a news segment on FOX Denver. The ultrasonic liposuction procedure was featured on a segment that explores the phenomena of “Cougars” – the type of woman that dates men about 10 to 15 years younger – and reports that one of the growing trends for this market of women is to undergo the VASER procedure to ward off the signs of aging.

According to Drs. John Millar and David Broadway that appeared on the show, clients from around the country and many foreign countries are flocking to their practice to undergo the VASER ultrasonic liposuction procedure to battle the clock. The VASER procedure can be performed to sculpt a particular body part, remove or transfer fat for breast augmentation procedures, and also be used as part of a facelift procedure.

Dr. David Broadway reports that, “the miracle of VASER’s gentle ultrasound technology allows the physician to perform a complete body makeover, and then perform fat transfer augmentations, all in the same operation…VASER’s precise and gentle technology has revolutionized the industry, giving us unprecedented control and capability to sculpt a muscular and youthful appearance. And that bodes well for anyone out there wishing to enhance their bodies, no matter their dating lifestyle.”

The doctors use the VASER technology as part of their “bodevolve” treatment program that promises to be the new generation of body sculpting and body design. The procedure is followed by a complete lifestyle and exercise program with treatment s at a medical spa, personal trainer assessments and evaluations, and guidance from the doctors and other experts to help the patient maintain their new physique. Both doctors are recognized as preeminent Colorado plastic surgeons and offer other popular “makeover” procedures including Smart Lipo, Brazilian Buttock Augmentation and Pro Lipo.

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CBS Morning Show Highlights Benefits of Fat Transfer with VASER

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on October 11, 2009

Many people who only want to lose a few pounds and inches turn to minimally-invasive liposuction techniques to achieve their ideal silhouette. The VASER Hi-Def liposuction system is among several of the most sought-after procedures in liposuction, and has emerged as one of the most effective procedures for fat transfer.

According to a recent article in, the VASER system can help to not only remove the extra fat from unwanted areas, but the doctor can use that fat to transfer it into other parts of the body. This procedure uses ultrasonic energy to melt and break up unwanted fat, and the ultrasound technology helps to target the fatty tissue without damaging surrounding tissues. This procedure was recently featured on the CBS Morning Show with Dr. David Broadway and Dr. John Milliard who worked on a patient who just wanted to trim up some problem areas on her lower stomach and flanks.

The doctors claim that it is possible to remove the excess fat and add a cup size to the breasts if the patient wants to. The fat is suctioned out and then immediately transferred into syringes. At this stage, it can be injected into almost any area of the body.

The VASER Hi-Def liposuction procedure can be performed on an outpatient basis, and depending on the area where the fat is removed, can be performed with only local anesthesia. The VASER device allows the doctor to target only the fatty tissue, which results in less bruising and trauma to the skin overall. This procedure may be most appropriate for patients who only want to lose a few inches in problem areas, and enjoy a breast augmentation or buttock augmentation procedure at the same time.

A brief clip about the VASER transformation spotlighted on the Morning Show can be found here:

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ASPS Deems VASER Lipo to Be New Standard for Body Contouring

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on September 17, 2009

CBR003523VASER liposuction is one of the newer technologies available for permanent fat removal, and has recently been reviewed by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

According to the results of a study published in the August issue of the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal, the official journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, VASER Lipo is now among the clinically-proven procedures for fat transfer. The study suggests that VASER liposuction is indeed safe and effective, and can be used to plump up other areas of the body after fat is removed from another area.

According to Dr. Robert Schwartz, a plastic surgeon who owns a private practice in Dallas, Texas,
“The VASER Lipo System is unlike any other device in that it emulsifies the fat and removes it in small clumps of cells. This emulsion re-injects more smoothly and easily than fat harvested via traditional liposuction.” (Source: Medical News Today)

The study was conducted at Stanford University and involved taking tissue samples of both male and female patients who underwent lipoplasty of the abdomen, back and thighs. Researchers compared the tissue samples of those who had undergone VASER Lipo and suction-assisted liposuction on one area of the body, and found that there was no cellular difference between the two treatments. Consequently, they concluded that VASER Lipo can be just as effective as suction-assisted devices (traditional liposuction).

VASER liposuction uses ultrasound energy to destroy fat cells permanently. Since the fat is emulsified during this process, the procedure allows the surgeon to extract the body fat with ease. VASER liposuction can be performed on nearly any part of the body, and may be particularly effective for treating larger areas that have stubborn body fat such as the hips, buttocks, thighs and abdomen. More information about VASER liposuction can be found here.

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VASER Lipo May Be Better Choice for Men

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on September 3, 2009

CB060675Thousands of men undergo liposuction every year in hopes of achieving a sculpted physique and losing a few extra vanity pounds. However, doctors point out that the effects of liposuction are very different for men than they are in women, and men may be able to achieve better results with certain techniques.

Dr. Paul M. Parker points out that fat accumulates in different ways in men than it does in women. Women typically accumulate fat around their inner and outer thighs, stomach and hips, while men typically accumulate fat on top of their abdominals, ‘love handles’ and the chest area. Since fat is typically denser in the areas where men tend to accumulate extra fatty deposits, they may be able to achieve better results by undergoing the VASER Ultrasonic Liposuction procedure, a treatment that sends ultrasonic energy waves deep into the skin tissues to break up the fat during the extraction process.

VASER Liposuction is also a good choice for women who have stubborn fatty pockets around the ‘love handle’ area and in their buttocks. Still,  men that want to achieve the sculpted six-pack abs and get rid of excess fat around their chest and love handle area may be able to achieve better, natural-looking results with the ultrasonic laser technique as opposed to conventional liposuction treatments.

The VASER procedure can also be performed on the face and neck area to remove extra fatty deposits around the jawline. Many men accumulate fat under the jaw area, and this can add years to their appearance. The VASER liposuction procedure can be customized to get rid of smaller pockets of fat around the face and neck without causing excessive trauma to the surrounding skin tissues.

As always, it’s important to find a board-certified liposuction doctor who has extensive experience in performing the VASER liposuction procedure.


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Vaser Lipo Treatments for the Face? Surgeons Say Yes

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on July 4, 2008

Getting rid of loose skin under the jaw or around the cheeks can be a challenge without surgery, especially for those who have loose or aging skin that no longer responds to topical creams and serums.  Facial liposuction treatments are on the rise as more people attempt to get rid of sagging facial skin, removing fatty deposits and leaving the skin looking tighter and more toned.

VASER Lipo technology is now being used on the face, an ultrasonic device that has long been used for liposuction on the body because it can target fatty deposits with accuracy and break down fatty tissue within minutes.

VASER treatments can help to recontour the body and may pose fewer risks than conventional liposuction.  Since the tube used to break down and extract the fat is so small, it is proving to be an effective solution for removing facial fatty deposits as well.  Marlene Mash, MD, a board certified dermatologist and dermasurgeon is just one of several surgeons offering VASER Lipo for the face and neck to create an instant ‘neck lift’.

Source: Medical News Today

Patients who pursue the conventional VASER Lipo treatment may also know this as the ‘Wide Awake Lipo’ treatment, as reported here:

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