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Cytori Gets Approval for Stem Cell Device for Breast Reconstruction

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on August 10, 2010

Cytori Therapeutics, a publicly-traded pharmaceutical company, has received the European approval CE mark for an innovative stem cell device. The Celution® System is a unique medical device that extracts and separates stem cells and regenerative cells from the patient’s fat tissue. This process is helpful for fat transfer procedures and can help with breast reconstruction. The Celution System may be very effective for repairing soft tissue defects, facilitating the wound healing process, and also for repairing the effects of Crohn’s disease.

Clinical data from Cytori’s RESTORE 2 breast reconstruction trial in Europe and several other wound repair clinical studies show that the previously-approved indications for use in the Celution® Steym are still active and unchanged. The system can be used to perform a number of different procedures, and may soon be marketed to clinics and hospitals in the United States.

The new indications covering the Celution® System for the digestion of adipose tissue can be used to prepare and implant autologous cell-enriched fat grafts for breast reconstruction procedures, and also deliver the Celution® System cellular output to facilitate healing of rectal and vaginal wounds resulting from Crohn’s disease.

According to Marc H. Hedrick, M.D., president of Cytori, “The expanded indications improve our ability to provide the Celution® System to European hospitals in addition to the private-pay plastic and cosmetic surgery clinics…these claims, coupled with our expanded focus on reimbursement, will make this technology more broadly available, not just for a wider range of procedures but to a greater population of patients.” (Source:

Over 370,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in Europe each year and the majority of these patients need to undergo some form of breast reconstruction procedure. The Cytori stem cell device may help many of these women undergo a successful procedure.

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Swiss Apple May be Anti Aging Ingredient of the Moment in 2010

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on December 28, 2009

While the acai berry was deemed the superfood and anti aging ingredient of the moment for 2009, 2010 may be the year of the Swiss Apple.

Scientists are speculating that the Swiss Apple is designed with a set of resilient stem cells that may help to reduce wrinkles and prevent skin cells from dying. These rare cells could be the answer for reducing the effects of aging, and beauty companies including Lancome are already producing a set of serums and beauty treatments made with Swiss apple extracts.

Research on the effects of human stem cells that can ward off the signs of aging has been underway in recent years, but new advancements in the field of vegetal stem cells may be a more attractive option for beauty product manufacturers and anti aging specialists to delve into.

Stem cells from a very rare Swiss apple tree were reportedly cultivated over 300 hundred years ago and are virtually extinct in the modern world. The trees have been found in an isolated region in the Alps and there are currently eight trees that are being used for research purposes.

According to the UK’s Independent, “Studies to investigate the effect of the ingredient, for example by Lancome or Mibelle Biochemistry, yieled encouraging results, with 80 to 100 percent of participants confirming a notable change in their appearance.” (Source: The Independent)

There are currently two products made with Swiss apple stem cells that will be available for consumers in 2010. One is the Emerge Stem Cell Swiss Apple Serum made with purified water, PhytoCellTec™ Stem Cell extracts, glycerin, phenoxyethanol collagen, squalane and dehydroacetic acid. Another is the Goldfaden Stem Cell Serum made with chondurs crispus (seaweed) extract, purified water, hyaluronic acid, malus domsetica fruit cell culture and red tea extract.

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Stem Cell Researchers Make Use of Liposuction ‘Leftovers’

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on September 20, 2009

42-15627085Instead of extracting fat from patients directly for stem cell research purposes, researchers have found a way to make use of the fat removed during liposuction surgery.

A recent report in Scientific American points out that researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine are learning how to use fat cells to turn them into stem cells. Previously, researcher had been using standard skin cells to make induced “pluripotent stem (iPS)” cells for medical research. This process involved scraping the cells from the skin and then working with the cells for several weeks before preparing them for stem cell research processes.

Doctors found that it is much easier to use fat cells for this type of research because it’s easy to access the resource, and each liter of fat yields millions of potential cells that researchers need for stem cell studies. Fat stem cells are more suitable for this type of research because, according to Dr. Joseph Wu, co-author of the study and assistant professor of medicine at Stanford University, “We know that these fat cells are multipotent, which should [make it] easier to reprogram them.” (Source: Scientific American)

Using fat cells for stem cell research means the research process can begin immediately after the fat has been harvested. The fat cells are harvested via liposuction and can be put to use that very same day. In many cases, the turnaround time for these cells to be prepared for stem cell research is just two weeks, which is about half the time it would take for cells extracted from the skin, liver or other tissues.

According to Dr. Wu and his team, there are still some questions to be answered before fat cells can become the standard for iPS cell research. However, they could be the critical link for speeding up the stem cell research process and allow researchers to culture the cells they need at a faster rate.

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L’Oreal Labs Researching Effects of Stem Cells for Wrinkle Treatment

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on May 16, 2009

j0202076While biologists, genetic scientists and dermatologists continue to study the genetic triggers that are responsible for the aging process, some researchers are finding innovative solutions for treating skin and literally turning off the aging gene.

Researchers at L’Oreal labs have been studying the effects of adult stem cells and how they affect the skin’s aging process. Recent studies suggest that stem cells may be the missing link to the fountain of youth.

Jacques Leclaire, Vice President of L’Oreal’s Life Sciences Division in Clichy, France and a biochemist, recently stated that “Stem cells are at the origin of regeneration of skin, so it’s important to understand how they behave during the aging process.”  (Source:

Leclaire and his team of scientists have been working on a line of products that protect the cells from environmental damage, and keep the stem cells functioning at their optimal level. Healthy stem cell functioning may play an important role in reducing the effects of aging, and the stem cells can help with cell renewal process.

Researchers are also trying to find out when the optimum time to use certain beauty products throughout the day is, and what types of treatments can effectively trigger collagen production.

Collagen-producing treatments already exist at cosmetic surgery centers and medical spas around the country, and many take the form of laser and heat treatments designed to damage the tissues deep under the skin’s surface.  Over time, this helps with cell regeneration and helps the skin recover and heel. The increased collagen leads to firmer, tighter and more youthful-looking skin, better elasticity, and a significant reduction in wrinkles.

Tests are still being conducted on topical products that could have similar effects, but stimulating stem cell activity could become one of the most effective treatments for aging skin.

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Skin Rejuvenation with Stem Cells Offers Promising Results

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on May 5, 2009

j0390226Stem cells are becoming the vital solution for many surgeries and treatments that involve the regrowth of skin tissues, and are now being studied for their effects on skin rejuvenation procedures.

Retail skin rejuvenation products typically contain a combination of liquid collagen, hyaluronic acid and other ingredients that help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and firm up the skin.

A recent study now suggests that stem cells could be a key ingredient in these topical products, and can effectively help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, while enhancing the skin’s texture and firmness.

Scientists and clinical researchers at the International Stem Cell Corporation (ISCC) recently revealed the preliminary results of Parthenogenic Stem Cells for skin rejuvenation treatments. The products made from these compounds contain a combination of stem cells and other ingredients that affect how the sin retains moisture, and how the cells turnover. Continuous use of the product may help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, increase collagen levels, and improve the texture and tone of the skin.

Further testing is needed to determine what can be expected with long-term use of the treatments, but the preliminary data looks very promising. The Parthenogenic Stem Cell discovery is just one of several research programs underway at the research center, and the products are wholly owned by Lifeline Cell Technology. If the products do make it to the consumer market, the company plans to launch a complete skincare line that is supported by the stem cell research.

According to an article in Medical News Today, plastic surgeons are already taking note and looking forward to adding these types of products to their retail lines. Dr. Gregory Keller, a facial plastic surgeon, says that these are just the early stages of a breakthrough in skincare, and may provide some significant long-term benefits in reducing the visible signs of aging.

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Stem Cell Facelift – The Next Anti Aging Breakthrough?

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on October 24, 2008

Stem Cell Facelift to Get Rid of WrinklesInjectable fillers, microdermabrasion and laser facial rejuvenation procedures are some of the most popular anti aging solutions on the market, but an innovative facelift procedure made with stem cells is on the horizon.

The official ‘Stem Cell Facelift’ is currently undergoing comprehensive testing by researchers and plastic surgeons around the country, and will be presented at the International Academy of Aesthetic Medicine in Miami, FL on November 2.

The treatment is one of the latest non-invasive facial procedures designed to tighten and tone the skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve the contours of the face.

This no-needle facelift works by injecting the patient’s own stem cells into key facial compartments so that the skin can begin to restore and repair itself naturally.

Most adults store an excess number of stem cells in the lower abdominal area, an area that is often considered to be a ‘problem area’ for men and women who want a smooth and sculpted midsection.  While this procedure won’t eliminate a large amount of fatty tissue from the abdominal region, it does involve extracting a high number of stem cells from the fat, and transplanting these cells into the face.

Dr. Vincent Giampapa, a Certified Anti-Aging Medical Physician and Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon is leading the demonstrations in Miami, and will use only local anesthesia to numb the facial tissues and extract the fat needed for the transplant. reports that this procedure will cost approximately $5,000, and the result may be the ‘long term improvement that enhances skin quality and youthful contours of the face’, and that ‘the skin and fatty layers are induced to produce more of their own cells’ as a result of the treatment.  Downtime is just under one week, and patients can resume their makeup and skincare routine shortly after the healing period is over.

(Photo courtesy of manitou2121 via Flick’r)

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Stem Cells for Breast Augmentation – New Procedures on the Horizon

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on August 30, 2008

Silicone breast implants and even Botox for breast augmentation are increasingly popular methods for breast enhancement, but some doctors are trying a fresh new approach for their breast augmentation procedures.

Stem cells are now being used to regenerate skin tissues and help with the body’s healing process, and now these cells are being transferred to the breasts in hopes of creating strong, natural and attractive breasts in lieu of traditional implants.

The stem cell procedure involves harvesting stem cells from other parts of the body using liposuction – essentially a form of fat transfer – and injecting the stem cell concentrate into the tissues to encourage rapid regeneration. The process is different from conventional fat grafting and fat transfer techniques because it does not cause painful bumps or hard lumps that can be an indirect result of the implantation.

According to this post from MedicalNewsToday, “San Diego-based Cytori Theraputics said it has invented a machine that “combines fat with a mixture of stem cells and other regenerative cells,” which can then be injected into patients to reconstruct breasts after cancer treatments or used in augmentation procedures. The company has sold the machine for $75,000 to $100,000 to plastic surgeons in France, Israel, Italy and Japan.”

However, many experts are skeptical about the process, indicating that creating breast tissue with stem cells would demand extensive regulation and may not be as safe as some doctors claim. If this procedure proves to be safe and effective after a series of trials, it may soon become another option for women who want to refrain from implants and choose surgery instead.

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Belly Fat Deemed Valuable Source of Stem Cells

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on August 7, 2008

If you’ve been thinking about liposuction or other fat removal procedures to get rid of belly fat for good, recent studies by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons give you good reason to hold on to a few of those cells.

Researchers report that the lower abdomen is where stem cells are stored,  the same cells that promote healthy cell renewal, support healthy organ and tissue functioning, and may also be used as part of an anti-aging regiment.

According to  J. Peter Rubin, MD, a member of the ASPS Fat Grafting Task Force who is involved in pre-clinical trial work on stem cells taken from fat;

“Adult stem cells, derived from our own tissues, hold strong promise for improved clinical therapies,” and that “the potential for healing and repairing injury or disease through stem cells, including conditions like breast cancer and reconstruction, heart failure, spinal injuries, diabetes and Parkinson’s disease are incredible.” (Source:

This means that the stem cells can be harvested from a liposuction procedure and transplanted into another area of the body that needs to heal, or where cells need to regenerate.

Experts are already conducting studies and tests to determine how stem cells may be used to repair skin that this prone to wrinkles, or rebuild skin tissues after trauma.

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Stem Cells, Laser Bra and Gummy Bear Implants Fuel Future of Plastic Surgery

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on July 5, 2008

Despite the recent economic downturn and consumer cutbacks on luxury expenditures, the future of plastic and cosmetic surgery looks bright. Analysts are already predicting over 55 million procedures performed by 2015, almost four times the number of procedures in 2005.

Innovative treatments and new technology on the horizon may make it easier than ever to go under the knife – without a single incision, in some cases.

Stem cells are a valuable source of capital for building and repairing tissues in the body, but some researchers are suggesting that stem cells may also be used in plastic surgery to create new tissue and reshape different parts of the body.

The Laser Bra is a fresh approach to breast augmentation, a procedure developed by W. Grant Stevens of Marina Plastic Surgery Associates in California. Instead of adding implants on top of the chest area, this procedure involves creating an internal ‘bra’ that lifts and strengthens the chest area and removes excess tissue and fat with laser surgery for a more sculpted appearance. The LaserBra offers a new approach for reducing sagging or drooping breasts without undergoing extensive surgery.

‘Gummy Bear’ implants are a set of silicone gel implants that may be safer, more convenient option for many women interested in breast augmentation. After the FDA approved silicone implants in 2006, more plastic surgeons are offering these versatile implants to women looking for a natural, contoured look.

Laser Lipo treatments such as SmartLipo are steadily increasing in popularity as more people look for alternative to surgery for losing a few pounds or getting rid of cellulite. SmartLipo treatments can target stubborn fatty deposits and emulsify the fat; no needles or extensive surgery required.

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