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Thermage, Isolaz and Fraxel Featured on “The Today Show”

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on July 9, 2010

NBC’s “The Today Show” recently featured several products from Solta Medical, showcasing the benefits of some of the latest skin tightening and skin rejuvenation treatments on the market. The show featured the Thermage skin tightening procedure, the Isolaz acne treatment, and the Fraxel fractional C02 laser resurfacing device, highlighting the key benefits of each device, and what patients can expect from each treatment.

Thermage continues to be one of the most effective treatments for tightening loose or sagging skin, and has recently unveiled the Thermage CPT, an innovative device that vibrates and heats up the skin for a quick, efficient and effective treatment. The Comfort Pulse Technology delivers a painless procedure, and most patients experience only a slight level of discomfort.

Isolaz acne treatments are designed to clear the pores that are congested with acne-causing bacteria, and deliver laser beams into the skin to kill any remaining bacteria. The Isolaz procedure has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of comedonal and postular acne, and is currently available at dozens of medical spas and cosmetic dermatology offices around the United States and costs an average of $250 per treatment. Some medical spas offer packages for a series of treatments, with a minimum of six treatments required.

Fraxel skin resurfacing procedures were also featured on the show, and the presenters explained why this innovative skin resurfacing device has set the gold standard for skin laser treatments in recent years. The laser promises little down time and delivers dramatic results after just a few treatments. Fraxel has been proven effective for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improving the texture of the skin, reducing pigmentation and also creating a smoother, more youthful appearance.

More information about Thermage can be found here, and information about Fraxel can be found here.


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Fraxel Re:Store Can Treat Precancerous Skin Conditions

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on April 22, 2010

Many people with moles, age spots and lesions undergo chemical peels, skin resurfacing procedures and microdermabrasion to help reduce the appearance of these marks and keep the skin healthy.

Unfortunately, some of these blemishes and lesions can be cancerous, and require intervention by a professional dermatologist. Dermatologists now have more options than ever for treating precancerous skin conditions, and many are turning to the Fraxel Re:Store system to achieve exceptional results.

Solta Medical, the medical aesthetics manufacturer behind Fraxel, recently announced that its Re:Stor DUAL laser system can provide superior results as  treatment for actinic keratoses, a precancerous skin condition caused by excessive sun exposure.

A clinical study at a laser and dermatology office in New York shows that the Fraxel Re:Stor DUAL laser was able to resolve over 85 percent of all AK lesions, and also helped to improve the texture and tone of the skin. Dr. Roy Geronemus, director of the Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York, states, “if one already has significant sun damage, as can be the case with active golfers, I recommend the new Fraxel re:store DUAL laser treatment…the (treatment) is comparable or better to other topical therapies; however Fraxel has the added benefit of improving skin quality, color and texture.” (Source:

In 2008, Fraxel’s family of laser systems was presented during the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery’s annual conference, and highlighted the effects of the Fraxel Re:Pair, Re:Store and Re:Fine laser systems, which have now become the gold standard for fractional skin treatments.

The Re:Store laser was introduced to the United States market in 2004,  and is currently available at over 1,500 dermatology, plastic surgery and aesthetic surgery offices around the world. The procedure can be administered to the face, neck, chest, and hands, and is suitable for almost all skin types.

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Thermage Completes Acquisition of Fraxel and Reliant Technologies

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on January 17, 2009

thermageThermage Inc., has finalized the stock and cash purchase of Reliant Technologies for an estimated combined value of $66.2 million.

Reliant Technologies was previously the distributor of the Fraxel laser, a facial rejuvenation device that helps to tighten up the skin, increase collagen production and reduce the appearance of acne scars and age spots.

The Fraxel laser, along with Reliant Technologies’ suite of products are now officially under new ownership with this recent merger.

The deal was closed on January 7, 2009 in California, and Thermage now has full control over the distribution and use of the Fraxel treatment device.

In the preliminary stages of the merger, Stephen J. Fanning, Chairman of the Board, President and CEO of Thermage stated that:

“This proposed transaction combines two of the most dynamic companies in our industry and creates a strong growth vehicle for our shareholders, customers and employees… Thermage and Reliant Technologies each have highly recognized and valued brand names in our industry.  By combining our companies, we will be extremely well positioned to develop significant cross-selling opportunities as well as benefit from two business models that have significant consumable revenue. As a result, we expect the combination of the two companies to be accretive to our existing shareholders.” (Source: press release)

Thermage is best known for its non-invasive skin tightening treatments that use radiofrequency technology to heat up the skin and help create a smoother appearance.  Thermage for the Face and Thermage for the Body have become increasingly popular in recent years, as more people look for ways to get rid of cellulite, lose body fat and acheive a sculpted appearance without surgery.

Fraxel treatments are also leaders in the market, serving as one of the most asked-for skin resurfacing treatments.  Fraxel is often recommended for patients who want to get rid of acne scars, freshen up the skin and diminish the signs of aging.

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Laser Therapy Helps Reduce Development of Scars

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on December 30, 2008

Many patients who undergo cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures experience significant scarring from the incisions.  Procedures such as the tummy tuck, breast augmentation and facelift surgery typically leave behind large, noticeable scars that are difficult to cover up with makeup. Scars can take weeks, months and even years to heal completely and there are a number of topical scar gels and creams available to reduce the appearance of the traumatized skin.

However,  results from a recent study completed at the Cosmetic Surgery and Skin Health Center at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) in Pittsburgh indicate that laser therapy may be used as an early intervention plan for scar formation.  Lasers can be used to stop the growth of scars by delivering high-energy waves to the skin and lightening any discoloration on the traumatized skin. Pulse-dyed lasers and fractionated lasers have been the most effective at reducing the appearance of scars after surgery so far, and lasers such as Fraxel may even help reduce the appearance of mature scars

Dr. Suzan Obagi, assistant clinical profesor of dermatology at UPMC explains that the best time to treat scars with this type of therpay is right when the sutures are removed.  This helps reduce the risk of dark scar formation, and may also speed up the body’s natural healing process.  Increasing collagen and elastin production helps the skin recover rapidly and restore itself to its natural state.

Younger patients tend to heal faster than older patients regardless of the type of treatment used, and overall health and diet also play a role in wound healing and scar development. Individuals who are deficient in vitamins and proteins may not be able to heal as fast or as effectively; however, laser therapy may help to reduce the risk of deep scar formation and improve the healing process overall. (Source:

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Fraxel C02 Laser Offers Anti Aging Results in 10 Days or Less

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on October 7, 2008

Reducing the signs of aging with facial treatments such as microdermabrasion and dermal fillers can provide temporary results, but innovative procedures such as Fraxel C02 show more promise for those who want to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles for the long-term.

Recent trends in anti-aging cosmetic surgery indicate that Fraxel lasers, an intensive skin resurfacing treatment can target key areas of the face that are showing signs of premature aging, and the treatment can also address problems such as acne scars, pigmented skin and deeper wrinkles.  The Fraxel C02 Re:pair system is becoming so popular that many people are foregoing the traditional facelift in favor of a laser treatment. The procedure improvements in the skin over time, and some patients see a noticeable difference immediately with dramatic improvements in just ten days.

Dr. Michael Perskey, a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Encino, California provides some insights on Fraxel in a recent interview:

Fractional CO2 laser skin rejuvenation is where facial cosmetic surgery is heading for at least the next ten years…The advantage of Fraxel re:pair over the current similar lasers and the many to soon be released is Fraxel’s research over the past 4 years.Fraxel is the only laser that is applied to the skin in a continuous roller fashion while all other laser use a “stamping” application that is less consistent, only more time consuming. Fraxel is the technology that other laser companies are racing to match. (Source:

Fraxel laser treatments typically cost between $3,000 – $8,000 depending on the location of the doctor and number of treatments required.  The procedure has been deemed as ‘safe’ by many board-certified cosmetic surgeons and is FDA-approved;  can help even help treat younger patients who want to ward off the signs of aging and maintain their youthful look.

More information about Fraxel can be found in this brief video:

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Fraxel C02 Laser Launched in Canada

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on August 26, 2008

(Before and After Photos of Fraxel C02 Laser Treatments via

Already a popular laser skin resurfacing treatment in the United States, the Fraxel C02 Laser has recently received approval from the Health Canada Clearance, allowing plastic surgeons, dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons the ability to offer fractional laser treatments at their Canadian offices. Before the system was approved, many Canadian consumers were forced to travel to the United States or overseas to receive the treatment.

Fractional laser resurfacing can be a fairly aggressive treatment for patients who want to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve the quality of the skin and smooth out rough or patchy skin that is a result of sun damage.

According to Mark Lupin, MD and director of Cosmedica in Victoria, Canada “The Fraxel re:pair system addresses the full range of photodamage – wrinkles, lines, pigment, and vascular irregularities, all in a single treatment.” (Source:

Fraxel continues to be a popular choice for many people looking for an effective, long-term solution for improving the skin. It can help correct severely damaged skin, reduce wrinkles and also boost collagen production so that skin grows back healthier and stronger over time.  50% of patients who share their results on sites such as report that Fraxel laser skin resurfacing is ‘worth it’, and the average cost of treatment is approximately $2,600.  Most people need to undergo a series of 3-6 treatments in order to see results, and the skin begins to change within the first month.

More information about Fraxel skin resurfacing can be found here.

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Brides Demand Plastic Surgery for Bridesmaids in Dream Wedding

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on August 2, 2008

Organizing a dream wedding usually requires months of preparation – finding the perfect dress, ordering the flower arrangements and picking out bridesmaid gowns are all part of the process. Some brides are taking their wedding preparation to the next level by requesting bridesmaids to undergo plastic or cosmetic surgery to enhance their looks.

Creating a picture-perfect wedding may now require liposuction, breast implants, and cosmetic dentistry. Exhibitors at the Dallas Bridal Show 2008 report several requests for plastic surgery and beauty treatments specifically for the bridesmaids.

The New York Times discusses that latest trends in ‘It’s Botox for You, Dear Bridesmaids‘, indicating that’s latest report shows “In the last two years, bridal party tuneups have increased roughly 25 percent”.

Top treatments include:

  • Fraxel – a laser skin resurfacing treatment that reduces wrinkles, removes age spots and can help rejuvenate the face
  • Botox – removes or reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tooth Whitening – standard beauty treatments that enhance the smile
  • Microdermabrasion – a skin resurfacing facial treatment that can give skin that ‘inner glow’ and also reduce fine lines and wrinkles

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Top Three Antiaging Secrets Revealed By Grand Master of Skincare

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on July 1, 2008

Scientists at the University of Michigan recently published several studies outlining the most effective antiaging skincare solutions, indicating that C02 laser resurfacing, Restylane injections and retinoic acid can provide dramatic results for aging skin. These treatments offer several skin rejuvenation benefits, and some dermatology doctors are already putting these antiaging treatments to the test.

Dr. John Voorhees, the ‘grand master of skin-care research’ at the University of Michigan recently presented a series of lectures and research studies at the Department of Dermatology at UC-Irvine. His work reveals that fractional laser treatments, Restylane and Juvederm dermal fillers, and Retin-A are the three key secrets for reducing the signs of aging.

The goal of each procedure is to boost collagen production so that the skin appears tighter, smoother and free of wrinkles and fine lines, and these treatments can be easily administered over lunch hour.

Min S. Ahn, MD FACS, a board certified facial plastic surgeon and medical director of the Aesthetic Wellness Center in Westborough, MA explains how the Fraxel Repair C02 Laser (a.k.a. ‘lunchtime laser’) works for aging skin:

Source: In Your Face of the OC Register

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