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‘Addicted to Beauty’ Parties Scheduled Around the Country

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on August 25, 2009

addicted-to-beautyThe premiere of ‘Addicted to Beauty’, a fresh new drama/comedy on the Oxygen Network took place on August 4, 2009, but the cities of Del Mar and New York weren’t the only ones celebrating. The show is set in La Jolla, California and new fans of the show in La Jolla to Chicago have been hosting launch parties and spa parties to kick off the season.

The documentary-style series is only eight episodes long and follows the daily happening of a medical spa run by plastic surgeon Dr. Gilbert Lee. Flight restaurant in Del Mar hosted a premiere party for the cast of the show. Dr. Gilbert Lee attended the launch party with his entire family – daughter Juliet, wife Lisa, son Justin and nephew Brian. Other members of the cast also attended the kickoff event.

The show is now running on the Oxygen network on Tuesday nights, and so far, has earned both scathing criticisms and rave reviews. According to David Stefanou, vice president of Oxygen Media, “Dianne and her staff wear their obsession with beauty on their sleeve – or, more accurately, on their face. As a business owner, Dianne practices what she preaches. She’s a living billboard for her services – a walking menu of all the procedures Changes offers. Whether or not you agree with their take on beauty, the daily drama at Changes is pretty addictive.” (Source:

Oxygen network has been marketing the show online with exclusive insider videos of cast members, blog posts, before and after surgery pictures, and trivia games about the shows. The network has also been promoting the show with sneak previews and snippets for the months leading up to the premiere.

More information about Addicted to Beauty can be found online at


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