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Danni Minogue Claims Botox Addiction Triggered by Depression

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on October 1, 2009

danni minogueDanni Minogue, sister of Kylie Minogue and one of the judges on the British show ‘X Factor’, recently revealed she has a Botox addiction.

The star claims that her obsession with Botox was triggered by a series of events including her sister Kylie being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005, and one of he close friends passing away. Ms. Minogue says that taking steps to improve her looks was a way of coping with the stress and difficult times she was facing.

Danni recently told The Sun that she is now free from the addiction, and that “I don’t need Botox now and I don’t want it. Life is so different now. I’m in such an incredible place.” In a recent report by Ireland Online Entertainment, the 38-year old star gave up Botox after falling in love with model Kris Smith.

A psychologist and plastic surgeon published research results about ‘Boto x addiction’ back in 2006 after finding that four in ten people who use Botox often develop a compulsion to become habitual users and maintain their youthful appearance.  (Source:

Since the treatment wears off after a few months, getting Botox injections can be a cycle that some people never really come off. Botox ‘addicts’ may demand more injections, or continue to get injections before the previous treatment has worn off completely. Most Botox treatments last about four to six months. reports that doctors can look for warning signs of a Botox addiction. While there are no reported negative effects of using Botox on a regular basis, but there have been no studies of possible side effects, either.

Individuals suffering from a Botox addiction may need to see a psychologist or counselor to find out what triggered the compulsion to look younger and use Botox regularly. Underlying causes may include depression, fear, anxiety or boredom.

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