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UK Cosmetic Surgery Group Performs First Ever Eyelash Transplant

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on August 26, 2009

CB102742Many women in the United States have been lining up at medical spas and cosmetic surgery centers these past few months to get their hands on a wand of LATISSE, a prescription-only product that helps to create fuller, thicker eyelashes after eight weeks of nightly application. Now, a cosmetic surgery group in Britain has announced a breakthrough surgery of full eyelash transplants.

Transform, one of Britain’s leading cosmetic surgery companies, has successfully completed a micro-surgical transplant of eyelashes and the procedure is now available in the UK. The procedure can be performed on both men and women, and is designed primarily for individuals who have lost their eyelashes because of an injury or a medical condition. This procedure eliminates the need to use false eyelashes and products such as LATISSE and eyelash enhancing products.

Shami Thomas of Transform states,  “We often look to America for the latest in cosmetic surgery as they’re the pioneers in the industry, but not all are as successful and safe as this one. The Eyelash Transplant procedure is a very safe, cost-effective and pain-free treatment that can have life-changing effects.”

According to Pierce Matte Public Relations, the PR company presenting this innovative surgery, the eyelash transplant procedure takes approximately four hours and can be formed under local anesthesia. The surgeon takes a hair graft from the back of the head and cuts it down to turn it into a set of eyelashes. These hairs are then placed strategically into small incisions in the top and bottom eyelid, and the eyelids are left to heal completely.

Results are visible within days after the procedure, and full results can be seen within 4 months after the surgery. The procedure costs GBP3500, or about $5,000+ dollars. The current price for the LATISSE eyelash enhancing product is about $150 per wand, but results only last for as long as the treatment is applied. For many, eyelash transplants may be the permanent solution for achieving natural-looking lashes.


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