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RealLipo Technique Now Available in Louisiana

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on August 28, 2009

Many men and women interested in losing a few pounds around the waistline have been turning to laser liposuction and Smartlipo procedures that promise to melt the fat and deliver better results than conventional liposuction. However, many plastic surgeons who met at the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery meeting in Las Vegas this year pointed out that many patients did not achieve the most desirable results and that even the latest technologies have not been able to deliver exceptional results.

A new procedure by the name of RealLipo has recently been unveiled in Louisiana and is a step above conventional laser lipo and Smartlipo procedures. This liposuction procedure has been developed by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Simeon Wall, Jr. of The Wall Center for Plastic Surgery, and is deisgned to correct and refine the results of patients who have already undergone liposuction and were not satisfied with the results.

RealLipo works by correcting unevenness of the skin and removing excess fat without leaving any bumps behind. Dr. Wall, Jr. points out that this technique involves the use of specialized cannulas that help to separate the excess fat from the skin before removing it, so there is little pain and bruising involved. There are no lasers involved that may damage the skin tissues, and the procedure is performed in an efficient manner to minimize downtime.

Dr. Wall states, “In addition to producing more dramatic and smoother results than traditional, ultrasonic, or laser liposuction procedures, RealLipo usually results in little to no bruising and requires minimal downtime. RealLipo does not involve the use of heat-generating lasers or ultrasonic devices that can burn and melt the body’s tissues and cause severe scar contractures or other problems for my patients.”

The procedure is currently available only at The Wall Center for Plastic Surgery, a center that has over 50 years of combined experience in plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery.


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