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Miss Plastic Hungary 2009 Pageant Set for October

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on August 22, 2009

While many people frown upon beauty pageants and the Western ideal of physical perfection, others aren’t afraid to step up to the stage and show off their looks – real, or not. Hungary has announced the first ever plastic surgery patient, only open to women between the ages of 18 and 30 who have undergone at least one cosmetic procedure that required general or local anesthesia. The Miss Plastic Hungary 2009 pageant is scheduled for October and is designed to be a showcase of the latest plastic surgery techniques and options available in Hungary.

Demand for plastic surgery in Hungary has remained steady over the past decade, and women make up the majority of patients. Many Europeans also travel to Hungary to get plastic surgery to save on costs. The Plastic Surgery Channel reports that the cost of a face lift in some parts of Hungary is less than half the price of the same procedure in the United Kingdom.

The Miss Plastic Hungary 2009 pageant is scheduled for October 9, 2009 and has been deemed the first ‘plastic’ beauty contest of the world. The pageant website reports that in addition to meeting the criteria of having had plastic surgery, the contestant must “show a perfect harmony of their body and soul.” The company behind the contest agrees that this is an unconventional beauty contest, and the event will be blogged about and feature live online.

The grand prize winner of the Miss Plastic Hungary 2009 contest will receive a brand new apartment, while the second and third-place winners will receive a valuable prize (yet to be determined). The plastic surgeon that performed the procedures of the winners will also receive a prize. All judging will take place on the day of the event by a professional, pre-selected jury.


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