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TRIA System Offers Home Laser Hair Removal Options

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on April 17, 2010

Laser hair removal procedures may be an effective solution for getting rid of unwanted hair permanently, but they are also among the most costly options.

Patients seeking permanent hair removal must undergo several treatments in order to see results, and packages can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 or more, depending on the amount of hair that needs to be removed.

The FDA has now cleared an at-home laser system for permanent hair reduction, and this could help thousands of women save money and treat their skin in the comforts of home. The TRIA Laser Hair Removal System helps remove unwanted hair without shaving, cream or light energy that could damage the skin. It is the only FDA-cleared laser system for permanent hair reduction, and the treatment cycle lasts only a couple of minutes.

TRIA has also developed the TRIA Skin Clarifying System, an FDA-cleard blue light device that helps to smooth out the skin, reduces acne breakouts and gives the skin a finer texture. This system was originally developed to treat adult acne, but can also help those who experience monthly breakouts, or just want to improve their skin tone.

The TRIA laser hair removal system has been modified since its inception to offer more energy options, which means that more coarse hair can be treated with each session. The at-home laser devices are designed to be just as powerful as those used in a professional setting, and can be adjusted to suit different skin types and different types of hair. With continuous use, the TRIA laser hair removal device eliminates the need to shave or wax permanently.

The system is currently available at physician’s offices, at fine retailers and online. The retail price is $595 and comes with a carrying case and charger. Most people see progressive results after two to three months of continuous use, and lasting results after eight months.


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Laser Still the Best Choice for Hair Removal

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on October 29, 2008

Laser Hair Removal Better than ShavingWaxing, shaving and electrolysis are the most affordable options for most men and women interested in getting rid of unwanted hair, but recent studies suggest that laser hair removal is still the best choice for removing hair in the long-term.

Conventional hair removal methods such as waxing and shaving only remove the tip of the hair and fail to remove the hair from its root, and hair typically grows back within a few days or weeks.  Laser hair removal procedures work by passing a high-intensity light beam through the skin to destroy the hair follicle completely.

A recent study published in the October issue of the Archives of Dermatology indicates that a series of separate laser therapy treatments is the best way to reduce hair permanently.

Testing was conducted on two different types of lasers; the alexandrite laser; YAG laser on two separate spot sizes to determine the efficacy and efficiency of each type of laser.  Participants in the study were given four treatments in eight-week intervals; the hair and skin was tested and measured after 18 months of treatment.

The results indicate that both the alexandrite and YAG laser systems proved to be successful, and it took at approximately four treatment sessions to create a noticeable difference.   Research for this study was conducted at the Baqiyatallah University of Medical Sciences in Tehran.

Though laser hair removal treatments can be painful – especially treatments that involve the alexandrite laser – patients can look forward to being hair-free for the long-term.  However, a series of treatments is necessary to achieve copmlete results, and many patients need to use a combination of shaving and waxing with their treatments until the hair follicle is completely destroyed.


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Hair Removal with Ultrasound – Impresa Shows Promise

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on July 21, 2008

Today’s leading hair removal treatments include laser procedures that help slow down hair growth in several areas of the body, but the latest technology may be as simple as an ultrasound treatment. Boasting an average hair reduction of 38% after just one treatment, Applisonix, the makers of the Impresa system, claim that ultrasound hair removal is a safe and effective solution for those who want to eliminate unsightly hair for the long-term.

The technology is backed by several trials and studies conducted by Applisonix, and is proving to be even mroe effective than light-based treatments for hair removal.

Impresa works by delivering powerful ultrasound energy waves to the treatment area and deactivating the hair follicle. The treatment may even be less painful than conventional hair removal treatments, and can be used on all hair colors and skin types.  Other benefits of Impresa for hair removal include:

  • Surrounding skin unaffected by treatment
  • Reduced risk of damage to the hair follicle and skin
  • No side effects
  • Energy waves reach the root of the hair immediately for a targeted and accurate treatment


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