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U.K. Flight Attendant Undergoes 30-Hour Plastic Surgery Makeover

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on April 12, 2009

An extreme makeover TV show in Great Britain recently selected a flight attendant from Lancashire to undergo a complete transformation, but the procedures that cost over $160,000 ended up leaving her with much more than she bargained for.

Nicola Stratton, 35, wanted to improve her looks with breast implants and the TV show, “A Brand New You” on Channel 5 in the U.K. offered to pay for the costs of her makeover as part of their makeover segment.  Nicola underwent 30 hours of plastic surgery in Los Angeles in order to achieve her ideal look; when it was finished, the audience was astounded at the dramatic transformation.  She went from a B-cup to a DD, and now had a very feminine, curvy figure. The surgeons also gave her facial liposuction and pinned her ears back as part o the transformation.

Unfortunately, there was more in store for this flight attendant looking for a self-esteem boost.  Her self-confidence improved considerably, and she finally felt ‘more feminine.’  However, the results did not last.  In late March 2009, only five years after her extensive makeover procedure, one of her implants burst and left her left breast sagging and loose.  The show makers are not paying for additional surgery, so Nicola has to fork over the $7,500+ for the breast correction and revision surgery.  She says that she simply cannot afford the procedure, and is worried that the other breast might burst as well.

The Los Angeles surgeon who performed the procedure did extend a 10-year warranty for the breast implants, so Nicola will only be responsible for surgery fees, the hospital stay and the flight to and from the U.S. However, this will easily cost her up to $10,000, and she is not prepared to pay the bill.

Nicola has been actively pursuing the TV show producers to see if they can help her out.  She says living with differently sized breasts is a nightmare. (Source: The Daily Mail)


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Demand for Cosmetic Procedures Peaks During Fall Harvest Season

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on October 27, 2008

Cosmetic Surgery Peaks During Fall SeasonWhile many parents are tightening up their wallets during the troubled economy, others are loosening up their spending habits to relieve the pressure from a stressful summer season.

Las Vegas plastic surgeon Dr. Arthur Cambeiro reports a noticeable increase in parents pursuing plastic or cosmetic surgery procedures before the holidays – in the aftermath of back to school season – and Fall seems to be the perfect time to mark up the calendars for treatment and recovery.

According to Dr. Cambeiro, “Summer is very busy with activities, and get-togethers with friends and family around the holidays means that most people just don’t have the time to take off and recovery properly. But in fall, you can improve your appearance in time for those seasonal get-togethers and be all set for spring clothes shopping to show off your new look.” (Source:

Lengthier procedures such as breast augmentation, liposuction and body lifts may require a few months from the consultation to the recovery period, but less-invasive treatments such as micro-lipo, skin rejuvenation and skin tightening procedures with less recovery time can make surgery during the Fall a good match for those with busy schedules.

Still, many cosmetic surgeons are experiencing the effects of the economic slump and seeing far fewer patients than their seasonal average.  Patients who can no longer afford treatment are either holding off on procedures altogether, or pursuing surgery alternatives to meet their monthly budget.  Some doctors are catching the wave of increasing demand for noninvasive procedures such as BOTOX and Restylane for wrinkles, and VelaShape for cellulite reduction, offering patients discounts and incentives to fill up the appointment book and simply get first-time patients into the practice.

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Pressure to Be Beautiful Drives ‘Drastic Plastic’ Culture, Professor Says

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on October 12, 2008

It was once the arena for products and goods available in the consumer market, but plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures are quickly becoming household names and have turned into some of the most recognizable brands around the world.

BOTOX, VelaShape, and Restylane are just some of the ‘hot’ brands fueling the latest cosmetic surgery trends, and researchers such as Professor Elliott, a professor of sociology at Flinders University in South Australia, claim that the world is undergoing a dramatic shift towards a ‘makeover culture.’

In his book, Making the Cut: How Cosmetic Surgical Culture is Transforming Our Lives, Professor Elliott explains that the increasing demand for cosmetic and plastic surgery is shaping the social and cultural values that drive our consumer culture.

Cosmetic Surgery Times puts the spotlight on this trend in its October issue:

Professor Elliott says that, at an international level, bodies today are pumped, pummeled, plucked, suctioned, stitched, shrunk and surgically augmented at an astonishing rate. At the core of this, he says, is a new economy that judges people less on their achievements, less of their records of success, and more and more on the willingness to adapt, to change, to transform themselves. “Plastic surgery provides the most seductive answer to the new socioeconomic dilemmas.”

In addition to the media and fashion industry’s portrayal of the ‘ideal’, Reality TV shows including Dr. 90210, Extreme Makeover and Nip Tuck also capture a fair share of attention from those who want to believe that the ultimate transformation can and does happen. It’s another element of the ‘drastic plastic’ culture that is boosting profits for thousands of cosmetic and plastic surgery professionals around the globe.

Even with the downturn in the economy, people continue to flock to the most affordable treatment possible on their quest for perfection.  Medical spas and ‘affordable’ treatment such as BOTOX injections and microdermabrasion offer more people a chance to join the self-reinvention revolution.

People have become obsessed by the beauty ideal, and the human body has turned into a product that can be reshaped, reformed and sculpted to perfection.  The trend might explain why nearly $12 billion dollars were spent on cosmetic surgery services in 2007 alone, and the numbers for aesthetic cosmetic procedures are expected to reach epic proportions by 2015.

(Source: Cosmetic Surgery Times Magazine)

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