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HILURLIP Promises Lip Plumping Without Surgery

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on November 6, 2008

hilurlipWhile thousands of women continue to line up for Restylane injections, Radiesse and Juvederm to increase the size of their lips and plump up their pout, those who do not want to settle for needles are finding another way to give their lips a boost – lip plumping gloss and lipstick.

HILURLIP has recently entered the market, an innovative lip plumping treatment that promises to create fuller, attractive lips for the long-term.

HILURLIP is applied to the lips like a lip gloss and is made with medical-grade compounds including hyularonic acid, Tripeptide-1, and Dimethicone.  Together, these help to redefine the natural contours of the lips and create a more youthful, sculpted look.

HILURLIP promises long-term benefits because of the proprietary mixture of hyularonic acid and particles of sodium hyaluronate.  When the sodium hyaluronate comes into contact with the skin’s natural moisture, they swell up to create a ‘plumping’ effect.  HILURLIP also contains compounds that protect the lips from sun damage and helps minimize the appearance of small vertical lines.

The market demand for lip plumpers continues to run strong as more women yearn for youthful and fuller lips that have been deemed the ‘ideal.’

Well-defined and plump lips can be created with dermal fillers and injectables made with hyularonic acid, a compound that is readily adapted by the body’s tissues and creates a fuller appearance.  However, lip augmentation does have its drawbacks; many patients experience a case of ‘fish lips’ where the lips become flat and drawn out and look exceptionally artificial.

HILURLIP could be the next best thing to conventional dermal fillers, giving women a chance to enjoy a semi-permanent lip plumping treatment without the risks associated with injectables.

The full report about HILURLIP can be found here.


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Plastic Surgeon Injects Botox in Lips to Prevent ‘Fish Lips’ Phenomenon

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on October 16, 2008

Nearly 9,000 lip augmentation procedures were performed in 2007, and the numbers continue to rise as more people pursue the ‘Hollywood ideal.’  Angelina Jolie’s lips are one of the most sought after pouts in 2008 according to plastic surgeons Richard Fleming and Toby Mayer who found that the majority of female patients equate Jolie’s lips with perfection (Source:

Still, plumping up the lips with injectable fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm and other injectables doesn’t guarantee the perfect pout.  Many women experience the phenomenon of ‘fish lips’ where the lips look out of proportion to the natural lip line.  Fish lips make the upper or lower lip literally disappear, and can look fairly artificial.

However, some plastic surgeons are attempting to reduce the risk of unnatural lips by using BOTOX – the same injectable used to reduce frown lines and wrinkles – to correct fish lips syndrome and create a more natural-looking and fuller appearance.

According to, BOTOX can be used to enhance the natural lip line and create the appearance of a smoother and more youthful pout.  When combined with Restylane and Juvederm, the lips can become smoother and free of wrinkles; the effects are a set of thicker and rounder lips that have just enough volume to pass off as natural.

Dr. Steven Pearlman, F.A.C.S., a New York plastic surgeon demonstrates how the Restylane + BOTOX procedure for lip augmentation works in this short video:

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Plumper Lips with VeraFil – Permanent Lip Augmentation Using Saline

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on July 30, 2008

Thousands of women pursue injectable fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm and Artefill for plumper, fuller lips, but results usually last just a few months.

VeraFil is a saline-based lip plumping treatment that is proving to be a popular method for lip enhancement. Instead of injecting hyularonic acid or collagen into the lips, this lip augmentation treatment involves inserting an implant into the skin to create the desired volume and accentuate the lip area.

The VeraFil implants procedure is performed under light sedation, and takes only 20 – 30 minutes to perform. Dr. Stephen Pincus, a plastic and cosmetic surgeon that performs the procedure at his Beverly Hills practice also iterates that most people can return to work or resume normal activities within a couple of days.

But what makes VeraFil a better choice than Restylane, or even Sculptra for lip enhancement? Dr. Hilinski, the first plastic surgeon in San Diego who performed the VeraFil lip augmentation procedure explains that “the Verafil implant is softer and more natural feeling, “ and most people will be able to see instant results. (Source:

Evera Medical, the company behind VeraFil also outlines these key benefits:

  • Quick recovery time
  • Safe materials – the same materials used in saline breast implants
  • Customizable size and shape
  • Non allergenic
  • Can be removed

For now, Verafil may be a valuable alternative for many of today’s popular lip augmentation procedures.

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Natural Looking Lip Augmentation – Is It Possible?

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on June 23, 2008

Lip Augmentation \'Before\' Picture

Lip Augmentation \'After\' Picture

Celebrities and models continue to lead the way in lip augmentation trends, and bigger, smoother lips have become one of the most coveted facial features.

Still, some facial plastic surgeons recommend downsizing the lips for a more natural look, and advise us to steer clear of voluminous lips that only highlight the fact you’ve had a taste of the latest dermal fillers.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons Peyman Solieman, MD and Jason Litner, MD, FRCSC point out several important factors to consider when pursuing your Hollywood lip makeover in their post, Please Put an End to Hollywood Lips!

They explain that more is not necessarily better, and too much volume on the upper lip can easily lead to a very unnatural look.

So how do you find the best match for your facial profile? A comprehensive consultation with a lip augmentation specialist will help you learn more about your treatment options – whether you select Sculptra, Juvederm or Restylane as your injectable of choice – and reviewing before and after galleries of lip augmentation procedures can make it easier to have realistic expectations.

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