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ASAPS Predicts Increase in Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery in 2009

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on January 11, 2009

forecastIn spite of the turbulent economy in 2008 and the gloomy outlook presented by financial analysts and economic experts, Americans may still be fueling a few spending streaks in 2009.

The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) is predicting a significant increase in demand for certain types of cosmetic and plastic procedures, in addition to trends where consumers are prepared to ‘try’ new and innovative procedures entering the market.

In a December 2008 press release, the ASAPS highlights the increasing growth and popularity of cosmetic fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm and Evolence, especially as more injectable fillers enter the market.  Reloxin, an alternative to Botox, has been under FDA review and may be the latest competition for Botox and other wrinkle removal treatments.

Injectable fillers are a convenient, non-surgical option for many men and women who do not want to undergo extensive surgery to get rid of wrinkles – and even save a few thousand dollars on a facelift. Wrinkle fillers are most suitable for baby boomers and those are seeing signs of premature aging; this market segment will make up most of the consumer market for injectables, and some of the demand may simply driven by the desire to save money on a procedure.

Consumers may also be likely to try innovative techniques and procedures that are only just entering the U.S. market (or undergoing clinical trials).   Anyone who has been interested in liposuction may be able to forgo surgery altogether with procedures like UltraShape.  UltraShape has recently gained mass appeal in the United Kingdom and Canada, but has not met FDA approval for patients who want the procedure in the United States.  The procedure is designed to break down body fat using ultrasound technology, and can be targeted to specific areas of the body.  Once the body fat is broken down, it is eliminated through the patient’s lymph system.


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Titan Treatments Help You Lose Wrinkles Without Surgery

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on June 29, 2008

While wrinkle treatments such as Restylane and Juvederm offer several benefits for aging skin, they do require touch up sessions to maintain that youthful look.

Since the skin loses collagen with age, many people can benefit from treatments that stimulate collagen production and make the skin become firmer and tighter over time.

Titan skin tightening treatments are one of the latest wrinkle removal procedures available, a non-surgical treatment that may even replace a facelift . The Titan device makes use of high-energy heat and light waves to stimulate the deepest layers of the skin and cause them to retract. A series of treatments helps break down cells which are then rapidly replaced by fresh cells and collagen as the body attempts to recover from the ‘injury.’

Here’s a quick look at how this procedure works:

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