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Facial Exercises Can Help You Stay Looking Young

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on August 16, 2010

If you want to maintain a fresh and youthful appearance but don’t have the funds for facelift surgery or other cosmetic enhancements, you may be able to maintain your youthful look by doing facial exercises on a regular basis. Facial exercises that strain and stretch your skin and contract your muscles can help to keep your skin looking smooth, resilient and toned, and doing these exercises regularly can help to minimize sagging skin and wrinkles.

The reason why certain types of facial exercises work is because they help to increase blood circulation around the face and neck area, and also help to trigger the cell renewal process. Skin that appears dull or dry may be covered by a thick layer of dead skin cells. These skin cells can be sloughed away with a high quality exfoliant and manual massage, which helps to increase circulation and also helps to improve the skin’s complexion. Softer, more youthful skin will be able to absorb more moisture and wrinkles and lines will become less noticeable.

Those who are dealing with acne or acne scars can improve the condition of their skin by exfoliating regularly, and also by performing facial exercises that promote cell turnover. Increasing cell turnover helps the skin heal and renew itself so that damaged skin is less noticeable.

Many dermatologists and medical spas recommend applying nutrient-rich serums and compounds to the skin in order to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots and other signs of aging. Facial exercises can be performed as a preventative measure to reduce the risk of lines and wrinkles, and can also keep the skin looking supple, flexible and strong. Maintaining a facial care regimen of exercises, topical anti aging products, and professional facials can help to promote collagen production and reduce the effects of aging.


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Madonna Lift Helps Patients Maintain Youthful Looks

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on August 13, 2010

Many patients who notice the signs of aging creeping up around their eyes, nose, chin and on the forehead turn to a facelift or injectable fillers to achieve a more youthful look. Some plastic and cosmetic surgeons around the country have introduced a facelift alternative called the Madonna Lift, a laser procedure that helps to eliminate crow’s feet and helps the patient achieve tighter, toned and more youthful-looking skin.

Many people who develop crow’s feet and sagging skin around the eyes have skin that has become damaged from too much sun exposure, smoking, an unhealthy diet, and other lifestyle factors. Crow’s feet can be minimized or eliminated with a combination of fractional laser treatments and injectables that tighten and strengthen the skin.

The Madonna Lift is a combination procedure that involves the administration of the Coolaser fracational laser treatment, and in some cases, a series of injections around the delicate eye area to strengthen and tone the skin. This procedure works by triggering collagen production deep within the skin’s surface. More collagen under the skin helps make the skin become more resilient, thicker and stronger.

The Madonna Lift promises minimal downtime and there is no scarring involved. Many people undergoing this procedure also notice dark circles disappearing, and will see progressive results as the skin continues to heal.

This innovative facelift alternative may be suitable for patients who are noticing the premature signs of aging and are not ready to undergo a complete facelift surgery. Those who want to maintain results may need to undergo a second laser resurfacing procedure within a year for their first treatment, but can maintain results by getting injectable fillers such as Botox or Restylane.

The Madonna Lift was developed by Dr. Bruce Katz of Juva Skin in New York.

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High Performance Engineering Used to Design Facial Bone Replacements

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on July 22, 2010

The same technology used to create high-performance aircraft is now being used to create 3-D models for the replacement of facial bones that are often lost during cancer surgery, an accident or other types of trauma. Researchers published the results of a recent project in the online edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in early July 2010. The research was completed at the Ohio State University research center, in collaboration with the University of Illinois.

The U.S. Department of Defense has declared its interest in improving facial reconstruction by establishing the Armed Forces Institute of Regenerative Medicine in 2008. Currently, plastic surgeons and facial reconstruction surgeons uses various plastic surgery techniques that use the patient’s own bone to restore the bone structure.

The difference between conventional facial reconstruction procedures and the high-performance engineering techniques is that the new engineering techniques can create a patient-specific design, instead of just a generic shape. Researchers used a special 3D computational modeling system and the same processes used to create multifunctional, high-performance materials used in aircraft such as space shuttles.

According to Alok Sutradhar, a postdoctoral researcher in plastic surgery at Ohio State who was trained as an engineer, “The purpose is to find the most optimized macrostructure to replace the missing bone. It would contain the minimum amount of tissue positioned in three-dimensional space and supported upon remaining uninjured portions of the facial skeleton.”

In addition to remodeling the bone structures, researchers were able to review and create soft tissues for transplantation. Many plastic surgeons have been looking for ways to grow new bone tissue and find ways to assimilate the bone and soft tissues into the skeletal system. The current research provides new opportunities and options for bone reconstruction specialists, and is supported by a National Science Foundation grant from the Early-concept Grant for Exploratory Research (EAGER) program.

(Source: Ohio State University)

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Cytori Seeks Standardization of PureGraft Fat Grafting Process

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on April 28, 2010

Many physicians and plastic surgeons are now relying on fat grafting procedures for body recontouring and facial rejuvenation.

Fat grafting is the process of extracting body fat from certain areas of the body – typically the hips, thighs and abdomen – and re-injecting it into the facial or body tissues that need more shape. In order for this procedure to work, the fat must be sterilized and separated into fat cells and stem cells. It is then purified and prepared for injecting.

Medical manufacturer Cytori has recently released the PureGraft 250 technology, a system that standardizes the fat grafting and preparation process. The company demonstrated this device at the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) in Washington D.C. earlier this month.

Unlike other fat grafting technologies, the PureGraft System is can process between 50 to 250 milliliters of body fat quickly and precisely, and it is one of the safest and fastest processes available. The technology helps to separate the graft fluid so that only the pure fat tissue remains. This is an important step, because the body’s tissues will not be able to reabsorb the fluid if there is an excess of graft fluid in the injectable.

Over 46,000 fat transfer procedures were performed in the United States in 2008, according to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. The most sought-after procedures were those that increased facial volume in the cheeks, jowels and chin , and these were preformed as an alternative to facelift surgery and injectable fillers made with hyaluronic acid.

Some plastic surgeons are also experimenting with fat transfer procedures as an implant procedure.  Patients interested in breast or buttock augmentation may be able to achieve natural-looking results with a fat transfer procedure that removes fat from the “love handles” hips and thighs. The fat can be transplanted to other areas of the body to create a more balanced, contoured appearance.

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Facial Plastic Surgeons Report Increase in Demand for Less-Invasive Procedures

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on March 30, 2010

According to a new survey released by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), the number of non-invasive cosmetic procedures rose approximately 47 percent last year, a significant increase when compared to the demand for non-invasive procedures in previous years.

Many plastic and cosmetic surgeons agree that the economy played a key role in what types of procedures consumers were willing to pay for out of pocket, and for some people, job security and staying competitive in the work place was the primary reason to head to the doctor’s office.

The AAFPRS reports that the increase in non-invasive procedures administered by facial plastic surgeons included an increased demand for poly-l-lactic acid treatments, chemical peels, hyaluronic acid fillers, and Botox. The survey also reports that about 77 percent of physicians found that patients are becoming more educated about their plastic surgery options, and that they are now taking the time to research different treatment options and meet with several surgeons before making their final decision.

Daniel Russo, MD and President of the AAFPRS, states “We are excited to see patients making educated choices. They are now open to newer, novel treatments and are making smart decisions that are tailored to their needs…the overall rise in these procedures also shows that more patients are trusting their face to facial plastic surgeons who are trained and focus solely on the face and neck. Because of this, patients are seeing better outcomes.”

Women continue to be the prime candidates for facial plastic surgery procedures, accounting for about 84 percent of all surgical and non-surgical procedures of the face and neck. Procedures with the largest increases in 2009 were ablative skin resurfacing and facelifts. Procedures that had a decrease in demand were lip augmentation and rhinoplasty.

Another interesting finding of the physician survey was that many physicians expressed concern over procedures performed at a medical spa. Over 75 percent of facial plastic surgeons said that they knew of medical directors that were not actually on site for certain types of medical treatments, including cosmetic procedures.

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Stem Cell Facelift Offers Alternative to Facelift Surgery

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on February 12, 2010

Many men and women who want to permanently get rid of wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin turn to facelift surgery to improve their appearance. Facelift surgery is a fairly intensive procedure that demands several weeks of recovery. In some cases, the surgeon must remove fat from certain areas of the face with a mini-liposuction technique and use skin tightening treatments in certain areas to achieve the full effect.

However, men and women interested in facelift surgery may now have another option. The Stem Cell Lift™ is now available at a cosmetic surgery clinic in Beverly Hills and has helped many patients achieve exceptional results within a short period of time and with a faster recovery time. Dr. Nathan Newman of Advanced Cosmetic Surgery in Beverly Hills, California is the first physician to perform this procedure and was featured on Extra on February 4 to showcase the effects of the procedure.

Dr. Newman reports that the results with the Stem Cell Facelift “look more natural than traditional facelift or other fat grafting procedures.” The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and does not require a scalpel so there is no need to worry about scars and nerve damage. A small amount of fat is removed by hand so that the fat and regenerative cells can be preserved for re-injection.

The doctor then injects a series of injections into the various facial compartments, and additional injections are administered during a set of follow up visits. The doctor reports that this procedure not only improves the tone of the facial tissue around key facial compartments, but also improves the skin’s structure and tone. The stem cells fully integrate themselves into the injected area within days and develop their own blood vessels very quickly. This results in a very natural, youthful look and the patient is completely recovered in as little as 2 weeks.

Currently, the cost of a Stem Cell Facelift ranges from $5,500 to $9,500.

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Lumenis Introduces AcuPulse Fractional Laser

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on October 12, 2009

portrait of successDemand for non-surgical solutions that help to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles continues to be strong in the United States, as more men and women turn to surgery alternatives to maintain their youthful appearance.

Lumenis, a company that develops and sells laser, light-based and radio-frequency devices for aesthetic purposes, recently announced the launch of the AcuPulse Fractional C02 Laser System, giving patients more options in fractional skin resurfacing.

The AcuPulse system is designed to be more efficient and affordable than traditional pulsed lasers, and has been deemed superior to many non-surgical anti aging solutions. According to Mr. Robert Mann, General Manager of Lumenis Global Aesthetics and Dermatology, the AcuPulse system offers “unmatched fractional scanning excellence of the Lumenis portfolio to give physicians an excellent solution for their practice.”

AcuPulse will be available in select cosmetic surgery practices and medical spas in the oncoming months, and will have a worldwide presence in the oncoming years. The AcuPulse system is equipped with a SuperPulse technology that promises precision scanning and the lowest level of thermal damage to prevent scarring, bruising and discomfort.

Ablative fractional laser skin treatments are an emerging technology for eliminating fine lines and wrinkles, reducing the appearance of large pores, and rejuvenating the face and neck areas. AcuPulse and other fractional resurfacing technologies can provide significant results for people who don’t want to undergo facelift surgery, and even though patients must undergo several days of downtime, the skin tissues look and feel healthier than before the treatment.

The AcuPulse system is the only laser on the market made with the SuperPulse and Continous Wave (CW) technology, and is designed with the legendary scanning heritage of the Lumenis C02 product line. It has proven to be one of the most effective laser treatments for correcting wrinkles and lines, and may be used safely as a spot treatment on the face and neck area.

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Oralift Offers Alternative to Facelift Surgery

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on October 8, 2009

Dr. Nick Mohindra, a London dentist, has invented a plastic mouthguard called the Oralift that’s designed to help patients look younger by sculpting the facial tissues and increasing the strength of the jawline and facial muscles. The Oralift mouthguard is placed in a microwave to soften the plastic and then fitted to the lower teeth. The mouthguard helps to prevent the grinding of teeth and also helps to stretch the freeway space between the back teeth so that the facial muscles become stronger.

According to the Oralift website, this ‘dental facelift’ offers an alternative to facelift surgery and promises to shift the facial tissues to creates a rejuvenated appearance. The Oralift ‘exercises’ help the facial muscles become stronger passively, and the mouthguard is worn all day long, even while eating. However, Dr. Mohindra recommends that the patient using the mouthguard should not allow their back teeth to rest on the Oralift’s platforms, and they should refrain from talking and eating while wearing it.

Some of the key benefits of the Oralift include reduced lines around the mouth, eyes and around the face, more prominent cheekbones, increased fullness of the lips and strenthing and firming of the jawline and neck.

The Oralift is currently available for £575 in London, and is cheaper than both surgical and non-surgical facelift surgery.  The dentist who is completing the fitting shows the patient how to train their mouth to accommodate for the mouthguard, and provides a recommended schedule for times that they should wear it. Most people need to wear the mouthguard for two 15-minute sessions for the first few days, and then build up to half an hour and then two hours as the facial muscles become stronger. The dentist performing the fitting will also monitor progress at several intervals to ensure that the mouthguard is still fitting properly.

More information about the Oralift can be found at

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NeoStem Files Patent for Stem Cell Face Lift

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on May 17, 2009

j0438505The New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services has granted a license to the newest stem cell collection center of the NeoStem network at the Giampapa Institute for Anti-Aging medical Therapy to open and maintain operations in the city, and file a a patent application for one of its innovative anti-aging treatments.

According to a recent press release, the director of the Giampapa Institute for Anti-Aging medical Therapy, one of the first anti-aging medical physicians in the world, has developed an innovative facial rejuvenation procedure that involves using stem cells to restore the skin and get rid of wrinkles.

The Stem Cell Face Lift would involve injecting plurpotent cells and stem cells, the types of cells that are directly involved with cell regrowth and regeneration, directly into the skin to increase their firmness and enhance the skin’s texture.  The pluripotent cells would be responsible for stimulating the growth of skin cells and  thereby reducing the prevalence of wrinkles.

This facelift procedure would not involve any major incisions or surgery, and could be performed under local anesthesia. Unlike the traditional facelift that involves manipulating the facial tissues and reshaping the face, this facelift procedure would involve an ‘inside out’ approach where the stem cells would get to work right away.  Most patients would only need about a week of recovery time, and may even be able to enhance results with a combination of dermal fillers such as Restylane and Botox.

NeoStem is currently the pioneer in collecting adult stem cells and has developed a network of adult stem cell collection centers where people can donate and share stem cells for personal use. The company is working on getting a patent for this procedure, because it uses proprietary stem cell technology, and has several benefits for cosmetic facial rejuvenation.

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Surgeon Supports Facelifts for Under 40 Crowd

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on March 15, 2009

business teamComplete facelift surgery is often the right choice for seniors and individuals who are seeing extreme signs of premature aging.  Sagging skin around the cheeks, baggy eyelids and loose skin around the mouth can add several decades to the appearance, and facelift surgery corrects all of these problems by tightening up the skin and removing excess tissue.  The result is a healthier, rejuvenated appearance, and today’s innovative facial surgery techniques promise fast recovery times and dramatic results.

Dr. Bruce Connell, clinical professor of plastic surgery at the University of California, Irvine is one of several surgeons that believe people under 40 are also good candidates for a ‘facelift’, especially if they are seeing fine lines and wrinkles developing, or noticing patches of sagging skin.   Many of today’s innovative techniques for facial rejuvenation do not even involve extensive surgery and incisions.

According to Dr. Connell, those who are under 40 years of age can benefit from ‘liquid facelifts’ that involve the application of dermal fillers into different facial compartments.  Brow muscles can be tightened and lifted using simple blepharoplasty techniques that do not require a complete facelift.  Many people who are appear angry or sad because of sagging skin around the brows benefit from this procedure, and it the surgery does not involve manipulating any tissues in the middle or lower parts of the face.

Another option for the under-40 crowd is the Contour Threadlift.  This procedure does not involve extensive incisions and is a progressive tightening of the skin using innovative ‘threads’ that are placed into the skin tissues.  Touch-up treatments with Botox, Juvederm and Restylane are other options for those who do not want to go under the knife but still want to rejuvenate their appearance.

Dr. Connell believes that individuals who begin their anti-aging treatments before reaching the age of 40 may see the most significant results and can enjoy long-term benefits of a rejuvenated, youthful appearance.

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