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UK Study Reports 1 in 10 Women Become Addicted to Cosmetic Surgery

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on July 20, 2010

While many women are good candidates for procedures including breast augmentation, liposuction, facelift surgery and rhinoplasty, not all patients are mentally ready to go under the knife.

A recent study by a UK cosmetic treatment review website found that 34 percent of women that have had some type of cosmetic or plastic surgery do go back for another procedure. Most of these women say that they want to get additional procedures to boost their confidence and 31 percent blame ‘vanity’ for going under the knife again.

1,218 women were surveyed for this study, and the results reveal that many have become “addicted” to changing their appearance through cosmetic or plastic surgery. More than 1 in 10 admitted that they were indeed “addicted” to cosmetic procedures.

Experts say some women may be influenced by the media, while others simply want to look like their favorite celebrity, or want more self-esteem. The UK’s Good Surgeon Guide commissioned this study, and also took a close look at the top celebrities that they think may be setting the “cosmetic surgery addiction trend”. According to their research, celebrities that may be addicted to cosmetic and plastic surgery include Katie Price, Heidi Montag, Dannii Minogue, Pamela Anderson and Sharon Osbourne.

54 percent of women who were surveyed during this study reported that they had had Botox, and 12 percent stated that they would “never stop” getting the injectable. Only 7 percent reported that they would never have Botox again. Researchers also found that weight loss surgery comes in second to being the most “addictive” surgery, behind Botox, with approximately 23 percent of women going to the doctor’s office for a second treatment. The “least addictive” surgery, according to the Good Surgeon Guide Study, was rhinoplasty, with just one percent of those surveyed reporting that they would undergo a second nose procedure.



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