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Cosmetic Surgery in China Increases with Desire to Achieve Western Ideal

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on July 7, 2010

As the desire to maintain Caucasian looks continues to fuel many dreams in the Far East, cosmetic surgeons are noticing a steady increase in demand for cosmetic procedures that help young women, and even some men, achieve the “Western ideal” of beauty. A recent story in the Miami Herald summarizes the latest trends in China, pointing out that thousands of young Chinese women and men are undergoing extensive procedures including eyelid reconstruction, breast enlargement and nasal bridge augmentation in an effort to get a better job or attract a mate.

Many young adults in cosmopolitan cities including Shanghai have grown up around the Western ideal of beauty. The upscale retail and entertainment districts around the city feature several Western retailers, including H&M and Zara. A recent explosion of wealth in China has put plastic and cosmetic surgery within easy reach for many young professionals, and other residents of the city.

Dr. Yang Yunxia, director of the New Generation cosmetic surgery unit and a leading cosmetic surgeon, recently interviewed with the Miami Herald, and indicates that she and her team have performed approximately 40,000 procedures per year. Dr. Yunxia states that in many cases, the procedures are designed to correct perceived disfigurations, such as small eyes or a lack of a nasal bridge. Many women simply want bigger eyes and a straight nasal bridge, which right now, are currently the leading signs of beauty in Asia.

While these types of cosmetic procedures are readily available, not all cosmetic surgery centers meet safety standards and guidelines. Over 200,000 lawsuits have been filed to date for disfiguration after bad cosmetic or plastic surgery, and some patients have to undergo corrective procedures which cost thousands of dollars. Still, many patients are lucky enough to find a cosmetic or plastic surgery center that can complete a sought-after procedure successfully.


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