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European Committee of Standardisation Cracks Down on Cosmetic Surgery

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on June 29, 2010

The European Committee of Standardisation (CEN) has increased its trade standards for the cosmetic surgery industry in Europe to ensure cosmetic and plastic surgery practitioners are held more accountable for all procedures performed.

Standardization helps to increase the quality of all procedures and treatments performed at authorized treatment centers and facilities, and the move is a result of the Austrian Standards Institute (ASI) that has pushed for a higher level of standardization for aesthetic services throughout Europe. The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) has also played an active role in increasing legislation in this industry. The President of BAAPS, Nigel Mercer, reports that the new regulations will ensure a higher standard of facilities and safer treatments for all individuals undergoing procedures. It will also prevent physicians and practitioners from taking advantage of patients.

The European Committee for Standardisation accepted the proposal from the Austiran Standards Institute (ASI) to create a new Project Committee, CEN/TC 403 ‘Project Committee-Aesthetic Surgery Services’ which will elaborate on the current European Standards for Aesthetic Surgery Services throughout Europe. The first meeting for this committee is expected to be held in September 2010.

While European Standards are voluntary, they do provide an added value for the aesthetic surgery market. The new standards will play an important role in the European Commission’ Patient Safety Communication COM (2008) 836 Final.

The European Committee for Standardisation has traditionally set the standards for medical and healthcare products, but has only recently branched out into the area of health and cosmetic services, setting the standards for healthcare and social services.

Cosmetic and plastic surgery practitioners in Europe can now be recognized by the ECN, and ultimately will help consumers make more informed choices when selecting their aesthetic, plastic and cosmetic surgery provider.


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