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CEO of Acara Voted President of the Medical Spa Society

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on April 15, 2010

The Medical Spa Society, an organization committed to raising and upholding the level of professionalism in the cosmetic practice and medical spa industry, has appointed Francis Acunzo, CEO of Acara, as its new president.

Bruce Katz, MD, chairman of the Medical Advisory Board for the Medical Spa Society, states, “I look forward to working with Francis to further the success of The Medical Spa Society…Francis has been at the forefront of the medical spa industry since its inception. The Medical Spa Society will surely benefit from his strong leadership skills, expertise in the industry, and depth of knowledge and experience in business development and strategy.”

The primary goals of the Medical Spa Society this year are to increase medical spa business after the recession. Acunzo’s plan is to reposition the organization so that it can easily acquire new members, and include more cosmetic surgery practices to participate in committees and various board positions.

Mr. Acunzo stated that, “one of the board’s first tasks will be to appoint committee chairpersons for the development of marketing, membership and education.” He plans to model the new developments after his own company.

During the recession, approximately 80 percent of the practices and medical spas that implemented the Acara Business Boosting Program were able to double their sales between mid-2008 to 2010. This was a result of business education, clinical training and workshop participation.

Francis Acunzo has over 25 years of experience in the spa, retail healthcare, hospitality, beauty and fitness industries. He has acquired over 60 spa and club locations through 24 acquisitions, and operates a national chain of 22 day spas. He opened the first medical spa in the United States through a merger between his spa company and Candela Laser in 1996. He is also a board member of the Medical Spa Society, and President of the ISPA Foundation.


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