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Injectable Fillers for the Feet May Help Treat Flat Foot Problems

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on April 7, 2010

Many women suffer from excessive foot pain when wearing high heels because they have a condition called “flat feet”.

When the arch of the foot is weak, or the balls of the feet are very thin, the shoe wearer typically feels extra pressure around the base of their foot and often turn to wearing only flat shoes to stay comfortable. Doctors now say there may be a simple solution for those with flat feet – injectable filler treatments that add a layer of cushioning to the balls of the feet.

The medical term for flat feet is called Morton’s Neuroma, and can affect men and women of all ages. Injecting collagen into the balls of the feet can help reduce pain and improve the individual’s posture when wearing different types of shoes.

Morton’s Neuroma is the most common form of foot neuralgia, reports the UK’s Daily Mail. Nick Masucci, a consultant podiatrist at Newham University Hospital NHS Trust recently interviewed with the paper, and pointed out that, “Morton’s Neuroma can cause a great deal of pain and suffering…people can end up in tears just from walking, and quality of life and mobility are reduced substantially.”

Foot fillers may be the solution many people need to reduce symptoms of Morton’s Neuroma, and enjoy a better state of health. The dermal filler is injected directly into the ball of the foot, and helps to create soft padding or cushion in one of the foot’s major pressure points. The treatment can also trigger collagen production, which helps to improve the strength and tone of the skin and tissues of the foot over time.

Collagen treatments last approximately six to nine months in the body, and the individual can undergo as many treatments as they want to in order to maintain results.


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