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Zerona Makers Release Hand Held Laser to Reduce Post-Op Pain

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on March 19, 2010

The Zerona laser procedure is now available at several plastic and cosmetic surgery centers around the country, and is quickly becoming a popular treatment for reshaping the body and reducing inches around the waist, hips and thighs – without surgery.

Erchonia, the manufacturer of the Zerona laser, has now developed a hand-held laser device to help with the pain associated with liposuction and breast augmentation procedures. The FDA-cleared device helps to reduce pain and swelling after certain procedures, and makes a significant difference in how the fat is emulsified before it is extracted.

Dr. Thomas Barnes, a cosmetic surgeon in Newport Beach, uses the hand held device at his practice and reports that, “Using the handheld device actually makes the lipo easier and the fat I remove looks different – it’s more like a liquid. I have used it in thousands of cases – it makes my job easier and it speeds healing too.” (Source:

The laser from the device causes a pore to open in the fatty cell, and the fat is released into the interstitial space which makes it easier for the surgeon to extract the entire cell. This facilitates patient recovery and reduces the risk of surgical trauma, ecchymoses and hematomas, reports American Health and Beauty.

For patients undergoing the breast implant procedure, the risk of scar tissue forming around the implant is decreased with the Zerona laser procedure. This can reduce the risk of breast deformities after the implant is inserted, and help improve patient recovery times. Patients reported less pain, inflammation and discomfort after the Zerona treatment with breast augmentation than those that underwent traditional surgery.

The Zerona hand-held laser device is currently used by a handful of plastic and cosmetic surgeons in the United States, but may soon become available at more practices and clinics over the course of the year.


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