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Helen Mirren Says She Has No Problem with Plastic Surgery

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on February 22, 2010

Helen Mirren recently confessed that if she wasn’t in the Hollywood spotlight, she would have undergone plastic surgery years ago. The Oscar-winning actress recently told the Times that she would go under the knife to improve her appearance, and really does not have any issues with plastic surgery.

Mirren is one of several dozen celebrities to admit that plastic and cosmetic surgery is acceptable. Many celebs  have undergone procedures such as tummy tucks, breast augmentation, nose surgery and facelift surgery to improve their appearance, ward off the signs of aging or just to land a new role in a movie.

Others are less open about sharing the outcomes of their procedure, and many are completely against plastic surgery of any kind, preferring instead to maintain their natural appearance and let nature take its course. The plastic surgery argument continues to be a hot topic among Hollywood celebs, and stars such as Jane Fonda and Sally Field prefer to maintain their natural look and embrace the aing process instead. Jane Fonda is now in her 70s and says that she would “prefer to age gracefully and not fight the natural aging process…I have chosen not to have any more plastic surgery. Sally Field and I have kind of made a pact about that.” (Source:

Still, stars that do go under the knife while they are in the media spotlight run the risk of becoming the next “plastic surgery gone wrong” story. Some of the most famous examples of bad plastic surgery include Tara Reid’s tummy tuck, Pamela Anderson’s breast implants, Donatella Versace’s lip augmentation procedure, Melanie Griffith’s Botox facelift, and Jocelyn Wildenstein’s facelift and lip augmentation procedure. (Source:

More information about the latest cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures can be found here.

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