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More People Returning to Plastic Surgery Office for Revisions

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on February 13, 2010

As hundreds of celebrities continue to tout the benefits of plastic surgery and millions of Americans go under the knife to improve their appearance, the numbers show that many are returning to the plastic surgeon’s office season after season not to get a new procedure, but for revision surgery.

According to a recent story on ABC News, the rate of plastic surgery do-overs is on the rise. Patients are undergoing second facelifts in hopes of achieving their ideal facial profile.

Dr. Sam Hamra interviewed with ABC News Nightline and states he is well aware of this rising trend. He says that more than half of his surgeries are repeats because so many patients are disappointed with their first facelift. The doctor has had several years of experience performing revision facelift surgeries and has written a book about his experience and what patients go through called “The Facelift Letdown.”

While the recession has reduced the number of surgeries overall, many patients are still heading to the doctor’s office for re-do surgeries, says ABC News.

For some patients, the re-do is more of a psychological ‘fix’ than a physical one. Some patient simply want to achieve better results the second time around, no matter how long the surgery will take. One patient underwent five hours of surgery for a second facelift and recovery was expected to take several months.

Dr. Grant Stevens also interviewed with ABC News and found that “there’s a whole sub-specialty now, it appears, within the practice of revisions…what we’ve seen is an increase in the non-surgical procedures and an increase in revisions. There’s been a small decrease in primaries, or first-time surgeries. We looked over our statistics the other day and found that 35 percent of my surgeries that I’ve done in the last few months have been revision surgeries.” (Source: ABC News)


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