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Cytori Receives Stem Cell Order from Japanese Cosmetic Surgery Center

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on February 6, 2010

Stem cell surgery options and procedures continue to evolve at a rapid rate, and companies such as Cytori Therapeutics are making preparations to serve more medical centers and cosmetic surgery facilities with stem cell orders in the oncoming years. Most recently, Cytori has received an order for a StemSource Cell Bank from Cosmetic Surgery Seishin in Japan.

The order request is for the patented Cell Bank which includes a complete StemSource processing system, equipment, software, a database, and protocols needed to freeze and preserve patient’s adipose-derived stem cells. Since stem cell and regenerative cell preservation is such a delicate process, it is critical that the cells are stored under the perfect temperature and extracted using very special techniques and tool.

Chief Medical Officer of Cosmetic Surgery Seishin Dr. Tatsuro Kamakura reports, “I have been using Cytori’s products for over three years and they have become an integral part of my practice…I have seen an increasing demand among my patients for the ability to bank their cells on their own future use. Having a StemSource Cell Bank will further distinguish our growing practice.” (Source:

Cytori is one of the world leaders in regenerative medicine and has been providing hundreds of physicians with the latest innovations in medical technology and stem cell resources such as the StemSource Cell Bank. The bank allows doctors to use adult regenerative cells that are extracted directly from the patient’s adipose tissue, and use them in procedures such as stem cell breast augmentation, skin resurfacing procedures, and facial plastic surgery procedures that demand rapid regeneration of cells and skin tissue.

The Cell Bank will be installed at Cosmetic Surgery Seishin within the next few months, and the center will be using the stem cells derived from liposuction procedures that are performed at the practice on a regular basis.


One Response to “Cytori Receives Stem Cell Order from Japanese Cosmetic Surgery Center”

  1. I would wonder if this cosmetic surgery technology involving stem cell regeneration could be adapted in the United States. Acquiring the cells via liposuction is not a problem but what of the legal issues.
    Thank you

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