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Plastic Surgery News, Costs of Cosmetic Surgery and Elective Procedures Blog Reveals Most Sought-After Plastic Surgery Procedures in 2009

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on January 20, 2010

Despite the slowing economy and reports of fewer surgeries and procedures at the plastic surgeon’s office, thousands of men and women still underwent numerous plastic and cosmetic procedures in 2009.

For some, improving their looks helped them secure their job or have more self-confidence when searching for a new one. For others, undergoing a procedure or treatment was still a a personal priority., a leading plastic and cosmetic surgery portal, has unveiled the list of the most sought-after procedures for 2009, based on patient data.

The top ten procedures are as follows:

1. Breast Augmentation

2. Tummy Tucks (Abdominoplasty)

3. Breast Lift Surgery

4. Liposuction (Lipoplasty)

5. Rhinoplasty (Nose job surgery)

6. Botox Injections

7. Brazilian Butt Lift

8. Breast Reduction Surgery

9. LAP-BAND Surgery

10. LASIK Eye Surgery

National industry trends indicate that in addition to these surgical and minimally invasive procedures, innovative treatments such as Zerona, a non-invasive alternative to liposuction, and Thermage, a skin tightening procedure, also drove demand in 2009 and these trends may continue on into 2010.

The International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine (IAPAM) also published a report about emerging and continuing trends for 2009 earlier last year, indicating that many people would be going on cosmetic surgery “vacations” in 2009 and into 2010 in order to save on the costs of certain procedures.

The popularity of non-surgical and minimally invasive procedures has encouraged many doctors to add more procedure options to their services menus, and many patients are now able to go to their local plastic surgeon for procedures such as anti-aging facials, fillers and skin tightening treatments that were once only available at their area medical spa.

Anti-aging drugs for skin rejuvenation, non-invasive liposuction, and fat stem cell applications are still undergoing clinical trials and testing in the United States, and these procedures could also lead major cosmetic and aesthetic procedure trends in 2010.


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