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Meryl Streep Says No to Botox

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on January 15, 2010

Meryl Streep is among Hollywood’s most gracefully aging actresses, and though she’s in her ‘60s, she claims that she will never go under the knife to preserve her youthful looks. In a recent article on, Meryl Streep reportedly made the following statement about getting Botox and other plastic surgery procedures:

“To each his own. I really understand the chagrin that accompanies ageing, especially for a woman, but I think people look funny when they freeze their faces…in Los Angeles, there’s a lot of that. I pick up on the part that doesn’t move on a face. I’m immediately drawn to it and that’s the opposite of what you’re intending. You pull focus to the area that’s been worked on.”

Meryl Streep is not alone. Many other Hollywood celebrities including Sally Field, Natalie Portman and Sharon Stone agree that they are betting off letting nature take its course than joining the media and millions of women who become obsessed and preoccupied with maintaining a youthful look.

51-year old Sharon Stone recently told Tatler Magazine that “I’ve had zero; nothing done to myself: no lifting, no botox, no injectables.”  The Entertainment Showbiz website reports that “Sharon also panned the prevalent obsession for the salad-diet or size-zero figure and takes pride on the natural charm she’s endowed with. And, she owes her gorgeous, pristine looks to exercising and feeling healthy and not to cutting down on food.”

Still, there are hundreds of celebrities that continue to go under the knife in hopes of maintaining their 20-something looks. And for some, the procedure ends up being a plastic surgery disaster. Among the top celebrity plastic surgery disasters are: Tara Reid (stomach liposuction), Janet Jackson (breast implants) Jessica Simpson (lip augmentation), Tori Spelling (breast implants), Vivica Fox (breast implants) and Melanie Griffith (facelift surgery). (Source:


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