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Rhinoplasty Specialists Use Ribcage Cartilage for Better Results

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on December 24, 2009

Rhinoplasty, or nose job surgery, is among the most sought-after plastic surgery procedures in the United States and continues to offer a wealth of benefits for men and women that want to improve their facial profile or correct facial flaws. A recent study at the University of Texas Medical School at Houston reveals that the success rate of a rhinoplasty procedure can be increased when doctors incorporate ribcage cartilage instead of cartilage from the septum or ear to support the nose.

Researchers at the University of Texas surveyed more than 350 patients who had undergone the procedure that involved the use of ribcage cartilage and found that 94 percent of patients were very satisfied with the results.

The cartilage in the ribcage is much stronger and thicker than the cartilage found in the ear, so it may be a much better match for the rhinoplasty procedure.

“Rib rhinoplasty” involves a procedure known as coastal cartilage grafting, a procedure where the rib is harvested through an incision along the chest wall to remove the cartilage portion of the rib. The fifth or sixth rib is typically used for this procedure because of its shape and configuration. While there are some risk sinvolved in removing cartilage from the ribs – namely cartilage warping and a loss of air from the lungs – the effects of the procedure promise much better results than traditional procedures.

According to Dr. Anil Shah of Shah Facial Plastics, there are several benefits of coastal cartilage grafting. “There is less overaugmentation in patients along the bridge. It is much easier to place a graft all the way to the root of the nose…placing the graft and a lower position is much more technically demanding, however it can yield much better aesthetic results.”

This innovative technique is currently used by only a handful of plastic surgeons around the United States.


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