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Biggest Loser Candidate Gets Full Body Lift After Weight Loss

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on December 13, 2009

Biggest Loser candidate Neil Tejwani lost over 200 pounds after his intensive workout sessions and commitment to a healthy lifestyle on the show, and while he was delighted with the results, no amount of diet and exercise could help to get rid of the loose skin left behind after the weight came off.

Mr. Tejwani says that he was able to slim down and stay in shape for over a year after the show, but was still not pleased with the way he looked.

A full body lift was the answer. This procedure helped Mr. Tejwani say goodbye to the excess skin around his abdomen, thighs and upper arms and helped to streamline his silhouette. The body lift is a popular option for many people who undergo bariatric surgery or those who have lost a lot of weight naturally because it helps to eliminate loose and sagging skin while creating a smoother, streamlined look.

Mr. Tejwani’s procedure was performed by Dr. David Stoker, a plastic surgeon from Marina Plastic Surgery Associates of Los Angeles. Dr. Stoker has performed over 100 body contouring procedures including tummy tucks, breast augmentation and skin tightening procedures, and uses the latest techniques for the body lift procedure. Dr. Stoker states, that “it’s very important for patients to be committed for the long term…Tejwani was an excellent candidate for the surgery because he not only kept the weight off but also made some dramatic changes to his lifestyle and habits.” (Source:

The best candidates for a body lift procedure are individuals that have maintained a stable weight for at least three months, preferably six months to a year, and are committed to maintaining a healthy exercise and nutrition program. Women who plan to have children may need to wait until after having children to undergo this procedure because the surgery is so extensive.

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