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Former Miss Argentina Dies from Plastic Surgery Complications

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on December 9, 2009

Solange Magnano was crowned Miss Argentina in 1994 and had been working as the owner of her own modeling agency shortly after. The former beauty queen died at the end of November 2009 after complications from a buttocks augmentation procedure she had received in Buenos Aires. Ms. Magnano was “perfect” according to her fans and family members, but she still had insecurities about her figure and wanted to improve her looks with this now-popular procedure.

Buttocks augmentation, also known as buttocks implants, are designed to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks to create a more contoured and balanced figure. Women who have lost a lot of weight, are underweight, or simply do not have large hips often undergo this procedure to achieve a more attractive silhouette. When this procedure is performed by an experienced and licensed physician, the result is larger, shapelier buttocks that appear very natural.

However, the procedure often involves liposuction and extensive surgery, and the patient is at risk for a number of side effects and complications including excessive bleeding, healing problems and pulmonary embolism, the condition that Ms. Magnano experienced. In Ms. Magnano’s situation, the liquid injected into her body traveled to her lungs and brain, and she died from a blocked artery in the lung.

Sarah Foster of commented on the recent death of the former beauty queen in her article “Finding the Beauty Within”, stating that “”It should be a wakeup call…any kind of surgery is dangerous and has serious risks including death. There is nothing “routine” about going under heavy anesthesia and altering your body so stop kidding yourself.” (Source:

Ms. Magnano leaves behind a husband and eight-year-old twins. The buttocks augmentation procedure, also known as gluteoplasty, was performed in South America by a licensed physician. Plastic surgery continues to be in high demand in Argentina as more Americans and UK residents fly overseas to get their most coveted procedures at the most affordable price.


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