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New Cataracts Laser on the Horizon

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on December 8, 2009

An innovative new laser that may effectively remove cataracts was presented at the American Academy of Opthalmology (AAO) annual meeting in October 2009. The laser is currently undergoing clinical trials, and if it makes it to market, will be the first commercialized technology available for treating cataracts.

The laser has been developed by start-up LenSar, a company that was formed in 2004 by scientist Randy Frey, Ph.D. Dr. Joseph Dello Russo and a team of eye professionals. The laser is designed to eliminate the need of manually removing the substance off a patient’s eye and administering a high-energy laser beam directly onto the eye to break down the deposits instead. Current devices use ultrasound waves to break up the cataracts, and though this procedure has been used for over 35 years and deemed safe for most patients, results still depend on the surgeon’s skill level.

Dr. Russo is a New York laser eye surgeon who has extensive experience in administering Lasik treatments. He is also part of the team that performed the original set of clinical trials for laser eye surgery and states that “we are very excited with the results we got so far and hope that this technology will change people’s lives the way Lasik has done so.” (Source:

The LenSar laser cataract device is designed to be both safe and effective for treating cataracts, and may even be easier for surgeons to use. The device is expected to cost more than existing technologies and may be performed in less time than conventional procedures. The LenSar laser will allow for the insertion of premium implants, making it an attractive option for treating astigmatism.

So far, over 100 operations with the LenSar laser have been successfully performed outside of the United States. The developer of the laser holds patent applications that may make this laser a leader in the industry once it receives FDA approval. (Source: LenSar Press Release)


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