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More Dads Turning to Plastic Surgery to Enhance Appearance

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on December 6, 2009

While the Mommy Makeover continues to be a popular option for women who want to ward off the signs of aging and restore their bodies to their pre-pregnancy state, experts say the need to ‘fix’ with surgery is also prevalent among Dads. For many men who are experiencing the signs of aging, cosmetic procedures the best way to improve their appearance and enjoy a more youthful look.

Dr. Bill Johnson, director of Innovations Med Spa reports that he has seen demand for Botox and other anti aging procedures double in the last year from his male clientele. More men are becoming aware that they need to be more competitive in the marketplace, and becoming a Dad often takes its toll on the appearance of many.

Dr. Johnson reports that in addition to Botox, men are turning to liposuction and skin tightening procedures such as Thermage which can help tighten and tone up the skin, smooth out wrinkles. (Source:

Other options for dads include eyelid rejuvenation procedures that help to remove sagging skin and excess fat around the eye area, a common concern for those who are undergoing the aging process. Eyelid rejuvenation procedures help to reshape and contour the eye and forehead area, eliminating wrinkles and fine lines and also help to create a more youthful, ‘wide awake’ appearance.

Skin tightening procedures such as Titan, ReFirme and Thermage continue to be popular for men that want to reduce sagging skin and eliminate lines and wrinkles. These procedures are often performed in a series to increase collagen production deep under the skin’s surface. They may be coupled with injectable fillers such as  Botox, Juvederm or Restylane to create smoother facial contours.

More information about the latest plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures can be found here.


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