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“Ideal Implant” Combines Benefits of Saline and Silicone

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on December 1, 2009

The Ideal Breast Implant was launched in early 2006 to provide benefits of both silicone and saline gel implants, and produce natural-looking breasts.

After years of research and testing, the Ideal implant is become an attractive option for many plastic surgeons that want to provide quality results with their procedure.

Many women have chosen saline instead of silicone gel implants because of the natural tissue-like appearance that saline gel implants provide, but many are uncomfortable with the risk of a silent rupture.

The Ideal implant is a saline-filled implant that look a standard implant but the edges have been lowered to create a more contoured appearance. The implant is made with a series of implant shells that are nested together to create a more natural appearance, offering better control and reduces the ‘bounce’ effect that often makes breast implants look unnatural. Some plastic surgeons call this a “Hybrid™” breast implant because the implant combines many of the features of silicone and saline.

Currently, the Ideal Implant is being studied in an FDA-approved nationwide clinical trial of 500 participants. Individuals interested in participating in the study can contact a plastic surgeon in their area to find out if they qualify. All costs of the procedure are the participant’s responsibility, but participants will receive payment through a Trust Fund if they complete all of their follow-up visits over a 10-year period. The Ideal Implant deposit is $3,500 and goes directly into the Trust Fund, and this Trust Fund will invest in a stock and bond portfolio with an expectation of generating between $8,083 to $12,136 over the 10-year period. Individuals who miss any of the required follow up visits will be dropped from the study and lose their share of the Trust Fund monies.

More information about the Ideal Implant study participation and payment options can be found here.

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