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Medical Tourism Company Reports 300% Increase in Holiday Season Bookings

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on November 16, 2009

Christmas stockingsAs the economy continues to improve at a steady rate, medical tourism companies are noticing a gradual increase in demand for overseas cosmetic surgery. Economists are pointing out that the recession economy will change course soon, and this is encouraging more bookings of cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures.

According to Cosmetic Harmony, one of the world’s most recognized medical tourism companies, the holiday season and an improved economic outlook have triggered a “huge surge” in demand for procedures.

Cosmetic Harmony saw a 300% increase in reservations since last holiday season, pointing out that more people who held back during the credit crunch are now in a good position to pay for a relatively pricey vacation and get the cosmetic surgery they want.

Cosmetic Harmony is a medical tourism company based in Bogota, Colombia that offers cheap cosmetic surgery packages with procedures performed in a world-class facility. Anthony Giudice, Vice-President of Sales of Cosmetic Harmony indicates that “not only is our company experiencing a boom in the market, but Colombia as a country is also growing. The market is showing positive signs and there will be a progress in all the activities in Colombia. We are very proud of our surgeons who are ready to work hard this holiday season. It is due to their quality work that satisfies our patients and we are experiencing this surge in business.” (Source: Cosmetic Harmony Press Release)

Medical tourism experienced a significant boom in the early 2000s as surgeons and companies overseas offered attractively priced packages and treatment options for patients on every budget. Tummy tucks, breast augmentation procedures, body contouring and non-invasive procedures typically cost between 25% to 70% off the average price of procedures in the United States and the United Kingdom, and destinations including Argentina, Colombia, Bangkok and Thailand all offer significantly reduced pricing on several highly sought-after procedures.


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