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Surgeon Introduces iSurgeon Apple iPhone Application

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on November 14, 2009

iphoneIf you’ve ever wondered what you might look like if you went ahead with plastic surgery, there is now an iPhone application available to help you find out. The iSurgeon application has been designed and launched by Dr. Michael Salzhauer, the author of “My Beautiful Mommy”, a book that stirred up controversy last year because it was designed to teach children ‘deal’ with their mother’s plastic surgery.

The iSurgeon iPhone App allows patients to alter images of themselves to find out what they might look like after undergon plastic surgery. They can pick out different size implants, lip augmentation options, and see what they might look like after a tummy tuck from the convenience of their iPhone. The app will be free for the first month of its release, and can then be downloaded for a fee.

According to Dr. Salzhauer, “iSurgeon serves a dual purpose, providing those interested in cosmetic surgery treatments with a clear visual of what they would look like post-surgery, while also providing a fun entertaining game tool.” (Source:

The app is capable of rendering realistic images based on a basic uploaded image, and the digital version can be stored on the iPhone for further review by the patient and their plastic surgeons

Another similar app has been developed by Dr. David Shafer of New York. The Shafer Plastic Surgery App was launched in October 2009, also for the Apple iPhone. This app features over 1,000 questions and answers about different cosmetic surgery procedures and is designed primarily for patients looking for more information about different procedures. Patients can send questions directly to the plastic surgeon from their mobile device. The Shafer Plastic Surgery App costs $2.99 for its full version.

More information about common questions and answers related to plastic and cosmetic procedures can be found here.

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