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Plastic Surgeons Concerned About Botox Breast Lift

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on November 13, 2009

Breast augmentation and breast enhancement procedures continue to be amongst the most sought-after procedures by women around the globe, and there are now hundreds of breast enhancing products and ‘cleavage rejuvenation’ kits available for those who aren’t ready to pursue surgery.

One of the latest innovations in this area is the Botox Breast Lift, a treatment that promises to lift and enhance the breasts using only Botox injections, the same injectable used to treat lines and wrinkles along the forehead. However, plastic surgeons aren’t convinced that the Botox Breast Lift is a viable solution for improving a woman’s bust line.

Plastic surgeons that attended the American Society of Plastic Surgeons Plastic Surgery 2009 Conference in Seattle this October emphasized the Botox Breast Lift, cleavage rejuvenation products and other similar ‘treatments’ are more hype than reality. Cleavage rejuvenation procedures that involve injecting a non-allergenic filler into the cleavage are designed to reduce wrinkles, while Botox is used to temporarily paralyze the chest muscles and forces the patient to stand up straighter, thereby lifting up their breasts. However, plastic surgeons warn that neither of these procedures can produce the results of breast augmentation or breast enhancement surgery.

Surgeons also warn that there are a number of ‘DIY’ procedures and other marketing hype surrounding non-invasive breast augmentation procedures, and that many consumers make the mistake of investing in these because of the lure of reduced prices during the weak economy. Procedures such as Awake-Breast Augmentation where the patient is awake while getting implants is one such procedure under review by experts in the industry.

Other hyped procedures that may not produce desired results include cellulite reduction treatments, cosmetic gynecology and fillers such as Selphyl, a new blood-based injectable that promises to fill out lines and wrinkles.

(Source: ASPS Public Relations)


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