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Korea Quickly Becoming Plastic Surgery Hub in Asia

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on November 5, 2009

j0164116Thousands of Asian men and women interested in achieving a more ‘westernized’ look are among the top candidates for plastic and cosmetic surgery, and a recent report shows that demand for plastic surgery is booming in places like Korea.

According to, people from China, Vietnam and Hong Kong are heading to Korea for facial bone contouring and cosmetic surgery of their eyes and noses. Korea has become a prime destination for these procedures because it offers attractively-priced surgery packages, and many Korean actors and musicians have reportedly set their sights on plastic surgeons in the area for their specialized skills and great results.

Foreign patients in Korea are about 33 percent higher in 2009 than they were in 2008, and most foreigners reportedly spend about twice as much money as regular Japanese tourists when undertaking their ‘medical vacation’, says the Plastic Surgery Channel.

In some cases, patients are willing to pay as much as three times more for surgery in Korea than other Asian countries, simply because of the track record of surgeons there and the fact that many celebrities have had their procedures in Korea.

Among the most sought-after procedures by the Asian community around the world are blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), lip enhancements, breast enhancement, facial bone contouring and rhinoplasty. Other popular surgeries include surgery of the calves to correct the common ‘radish shape’ of the upper leg and the removal of fat around the eyes. Laser skin resurfacing and skin lightening treatments are also at the top of the most sought-after list for Asian patients. Last year, Time magazine reported on the increasing demand in plastic and cosmetic surgery of Korean university students.

From Seol to Surabaya, young Asians were turning to cosmetic surgery immediately after graduating college in hopes of attracting the right mate and also improving their job prospects.  (Source:


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