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“Miss Plastic Pageant” in Hungary Raises Eyebrows

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on October 14, 2009

Hungary recently served as the host country for the “Miss Plastic” pageant, a contest that encouraged women who had undergone plastic surgery to show off their best assets on the runway and take home prizes based on the judges’ response. This is the first pageant of its kind to encourage cosmetic surgery as a qualifying criteria for the event, and has sparked criticism and controversy around the world.

According to a recent report in, plastic surgery has earned a bad reputation in Hungary, but this pageant may have helped some people become more accepting about procedures. The Huffington Post reports that contestants showed off their face lifts, nose jobs and breast implants in a catwalk style competition.

The primary goal of show organizers was to show how cosmetic and plastic surgery could serve as an enhancement to someone’s lifestyle, and didn’t necessarily have to be about going to an extreme. Plastic surgeon Dr. Tamas Rozsos, a well-known plastic surgeon in Europe, explains that plastic surgery is more about restoring harmony and eliminating asymmetries in the body than it is about creating an entirely new silhouette. He says that many people who have not been accepting of plastic surgery have only seen extreme procedures.

The three-part pageant focused exclusively on the women’s physical attributes – contestants were not required to deliver a speech or share a special skill or talent. The Miss Plastic Pageant was won by a 22-year old hostess Reka Urban. She won an apartment in Budapest, and the first runner up took home a new car. The plastic surgeon that performed the procedure on each winner also received an award and formal recognition for their work at the awards ceremony.

There is no indication whether the Miss Plastic Pageant will become an annual event, but the contest attracted a wide audience and helped position cosmetic and plastic surgery in a more positive light.


One Response to ““Miss Plastic Pageant” in Hungary Raises Eyebrows”

  1. This is actually interesting. The best part is, it focuses on a more controlled and not extreme cosmetic surgery where they change every single part of their bodies.

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