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Zerona Laser Featured on Rachael Ray

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on October 13, 2009

The Zerona laser system has been in the spotlight lately as doctors around the country have unveiled this surgery-free fat removal procedure. Zerona is designed to remove fat and reshape the body without needles and promises little to now downtime. The innovative laser system works from the outside to melt the fat under the skin tissues and releases it into interstitial space. The excess fat is passed through the body through detoxification, and is designed to be a replacement to conventional surgery for those who need to lose only a few pounds and inches.

The Zerona laser was featured on the Rachael Ray show in September 2009, and the doctor performing the demonstration stated that most people could lose about 4 inches of body fat after a series of treatments. The procedure does not require any anesthesia because the low-level laser is administered directly onto the skin without causing any discomfort. Similar types of lasers have been used for over 40 years to treat chronic pain and help to heal wounds.

Zerona only works after the patient undergoes a series of several treatments, and these can be administered three times a week for two weeks. Each treatment takes about 40 minutes, and the laser can be administered to the waist, hips, thighs and other areas of the body.

Zerona is backed by clinical trials and several studies, and is currently available in several cosmetic surgery centers in the United States. The excess fat is removed gradually from the body a few days after the laser treatment, and is not designed to be a quick-fix solution for weight loss. The procedure is designed to create a shapelier, more attractive figure in a painless way. Some people may need to undergo more treatments at closer intervals to achieve significant results.

The Zerona feature on the Rachael Ray show can be viewed here:


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