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Woman Brain-Dead After Liposuction at Weston MedSpa

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on October 10, 2009

A medical spa in Weston, Florida is currently in the media spotlight after a woman who had liposuction performed there died shortly after her procedure. The liposuction procedure was performed by Dr. Omar J. Brito and involved minimally-invasive techniques. Rohie Kah-Orukatan had been visiting this particular medical spa in the past, but suffered a seizure after her procedure and was reported brain dead on life support at the Cleveland Clinic in Weston, Florida.

According to, Mrs. Kah-Orukaton had been a client at the Weston medical spa for five years before undergoing liposuction. However, the medical spa was not licensed to perform liposuction and Dr. Brito states that he was unaware that this was the case. Experts say that the seizure was brought on by the anesthetic lidocaine used prior to the surgery. Dr. Brito reports that he did not experience any difficulties during the procedure, but realized something had gone awry near the end of the procedure, at which point he called 911.

Dr. Brito’s attorney states that the doctor has been performing liposuction without any problems for about four years. However, Florida state law does not allow any doctor to perform liposuction in an unlicensed facility.

Liposuction surgery, even when performed using minimally-invasive techniques, still has many risks involved and can be deadly if the patient experiences an adverse reaction from the anesthesia. While some doctors perform certain types of techniques without anesthesia, traditional liposuction techniques cannot be performed without anesthesia. It’s also important that the patient verifies whether the doctor performing the surgery is board-certified.

Dr. Brito’s profile on the medical spa’s website does not point to any evidence of training or residency in the field of cosmetic surgery, even though the doctor has several years of experience. Patients interested in liposuction can contact the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery to verify if their doctor is in fact board-certified.


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