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Custom Acoustic Liposuction Deemed a Less Painful Procedure

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on October 5, 2009

j0313990Custom Acoustic Liposuction is an innovative technique that has been used in Europe for several years for permanent fat removal.

The procedure was recently made available in San Antonio, Texas, and is offered at the offices of Dr. Thomas Jeneby. According to Dr. Jeneby, this technique can help break up fat much easier than conventional liposuction, and also causes much less pain than other fat removal procedures.

Custom Acoustic Liposuction works by pumping air via a compressor, and the tip vibrates rapidly as it passes through the fat between the skin and muscle. This makes it easier for the fat cells to break away from the skin tissues and get sucked through the cannula. The vibrating liposuction procedure takes about half as long as conventional liposuction, and is a relatively easy procedure for the doctor to perform.

According to the Custom Acoustic Liposuction website, this FDA-approved procedure uses low-acoustic INFRASONIC vibration to remove the fat cells, and the vibrations help to safely remove large amounts of fat from all areas of the body. Since there is no heat involved, there is no risk of burning the skin tissues surrounding the fat. The fat is aspirated while it is emulsified, which means the doctor can perform the procedure quickly and efficiently. This procedure can be performed under local or IV sedation, which also lowers overall risks linked to general anesthesia.

Custom Acoustic Liposuction was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration earlier this year in the United States. It has been deemed effective for removing large amounts of body fat, and also for body sculpting and reshaping. The system promises rapid recovery, smooth contouring, and fewer risks and side effects than conventional liposuction. Dr. Jeneby reports that this procedure is also “less fatiguing for the doctor”, which may mean that doctors can perform the procedure with more accuracy and precision.



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  1. There are multiple breakthroughs in the cosmetic surgery industry that makes it easier, not only for the patient, but for the doctor as well. This ensures higher quality. While it may also account for higher costs, still safety is the first priority.

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