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Holly Madison Says Cosmetic Surgery Helped Boost Her Career

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on October 3, 2009

holly_madison_01Holly Madison, former Playboy model and actress, recently interviewed with Life & Style Magazine about her life at the Playboy mansion and reports that much of her success can be attributed to plastic surgery.

In 2008, Ms. Madison (then 27), told US Weekly that she didn’t feel comfortable in her skin and admits that she had breast augmentation and rhinoplasty to improve her body image. In addition to her surgery, Holly says that she stays in shape with yoga workouts three times per week, weight training and hiking.

In the interview with Life & Style Magazine, Holly says that her insecurities are a thing of ht past, and that her career really took off after she had the surgery.

Reporter Liz Wolgemuth states that cosmetic surgery has become a part of life for many people who are looking for a career boost – and not just in Hollywood. Ms. Wolgemuth points to increasing research that says looks matter in the workplace, and self-confidence and self-image can help someone climb the corporate ladder with ease.

Earlier this year, the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery reported that about two thirds of its member surgeons noticed an increase in demand for cosmetic surgery procedures by men and women that wanted to secure their jobs or interview for a new job in this competitive economy. Both men and women across several business industries including finance, marketing and advertising, are looking for effective, permanent ways to maintain their youthful looks, or even take off a few years.

Other research results published in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal as far back as 1999 also indicate that cosmetic surgery has many positive psychological benefits and can improve quality of life for some people. (Source: U.S. Library of Medicine)

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