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Nevada Board of Medical Examiners Adopts Emergency Botox Regulations

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on September 26, 2009

CBR002440The Nevada Board of Medical Examiners has adopted a new regulation to stop medical assistants at medical spas and cosmetic surgery centers from administering Botox injections to patients.

The regulation was enforced after recent controversy about unlicensed medical assistants administering Botox, dermal fillers and other procedures that are meant to be administered only by a licensed physician.

Many medical spas and aesthetic surgery centers around the country deliver a range of treatments that are not always administered under the direct supervision of the doctor. For example, medical spas that offer Botox , Restylane and other injectable fillers typically work with a licensed physician or medical director who may or may not be at the facility when the injection is being administered.

A recent report in the Las Vegas Sun states that the regulation in Nevada will be in effect or 120 days and is effective as of the middle of September. The new rules prohibit a medical assistant from administering Botox and other cosmetic fillers, as well as any type of anesthetic that would leave the patient unconscious or semi-conscious. Medical assistants in Nevada are also not permitted to administer any anti-inflammatory drugs or chemotherapy of any kind.

Louis Ling, the Executive Director made a statement to the press recently, indicating that “there was confusion in the press [and] it was disrupting patient care.” The issue will be presented to the 2011 Nevada Legislature to determine exactly what an appropriate role is for medical assistants working for physicians and plastic surgeons, and what type of regulations would be most effective to ensure patient safety.

Currently, unlicensed medical assistants are not permitted to use lasers of any kind to get rid of wrinkles (laser reserufacing procedures), or perform laser treatments to get rid of moles, scars or blemishes. Only a licensed physician is permitted to perform these skin rejuvenation procedures, and may work with a medical assistant who is a licensed esthetician to perform standard facial treatments or follow up with the patient.


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