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Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery Unveils ‘First Year of Your Diet in a Day’ Program

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on September 22, 2009

reception_room_medRodeo Drive Plastic Surgery, a world-renown plastic surgery center in Beverly Hills, has announced its new transformative body sculpting procedure called the First Year of Your Diet in a Day ™.

This program is designed to help individuals lose a significant amount of body weight by jumpstarting their diet process with liposuction. The procedure involves removing only some of the body fat that the person desires to lose, and then focus on making dietary and lifestyle changes so that the patient can lose the remainder of the weight on their own.

According to Medical Director Dr. Lloyd Krieger, “At Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery, we believe there is a middle ground…We offer select patients liposuction designed to jump-start their dieting process…[this]  provides enough change that people are in the position to have greatly improved body image and continue the process of dieting – from a position of physical and emotional strength.”.

Dr. Krieger further points out that those who think they need additional help may be more suitable candidates for a tummy tuck procedure or a complete liposuction procedure.

The emphasis of the First Year of Your Diet in a  Day ™ program is to shift the focus away from instant results with liposuction, and focus more on maintaining a healthy lifestyle after the fat has been removed. Many patients who undergo liposuction struggle with keeping the weight off for months and years following the procedure because they do not maintain a healthy diet or undertake any type of exercise regimen. The First Year of Your Diet in a  Day ™ gives patients the opportunity to learn how to eat sensibly and start introducing exercise into their daily lifestyle so that it become easy to lose the weight and keep it off for the long-term.

Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery has relationships with nutritionists and other health professionals in the area so that the transition can be more successful for all patients.

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