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Lipo-Vibe Technique Receives FDA Approval

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on September 12, 2009

Already widely used in Europe, the Lipo-Vibe technique has now received FDA approval in the United States. The technique is known as ‘Nutational Infrasonic Liposuction’ throughout Europe, and has been presented at over 100 physicians’ events around the globe since 1997. This innovative procedure makes use of 3D acoustic energy to help break down fatty deposits during the extraction process.

The gentle vibration and energy emitted by the Lipo-Vibe device is much less pronounced than the type of energy used in ultrasound-based liposuction, and the process includes a rotation and reciprocation that helps to safely remove fat from the body without damaging the surrounding tissues.  Lipo-Vibe does not emit any heat throughout the entire process, so unlike laser-assisted liposuction and other thermal-based fat removal devices, does not run the risk of injuring the tissues around the treatment area.

Lipo-Vibe will join the ranks of procedures such as SmartLipo, CoolLipo and other innovative liposuction techniques that can be used as part of a body sculpting procedure. The device can be used to remove excess body fat around common ‘trouble spots’, and is designed primarily for those that want to balance out an irregular body shape and get rid of a few stubborn pounds.

The device is designed with an automatic shut-off mechanism so that it cannot affect any muscle or skin tissue as the cannula makes its way into the body. This promises a more effective removal of both deep fat and superficial fat, and may help some surgeons achieve a more sculpted look. Ultimately, Lipo-Vibe offers all of the main benefits of conventional liposuction procedures, but may be a less risky procedure.

Since its introduction to the United States, Lipo-Vibe is only available in select markets around the country. As demand for the procedure increases, this technique may soon be available at a cosmetic surgery center in all the major metro areas.


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