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More Brides Turn to Plastic Surgery Before the Big Day

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on August 20, 2009

BW0129-108While the busy bride typically has a schedule full of appointments with catering companies, bridal gown consultants and other wedding vendors, many are adding another contact to their list – the plastic surgeon.

More brides are adding plastic surgery to their wedding planning itinerary, according to a recent report by The Plastic Surgery Channel. The experts at The Plastic Surgery Channel say that surgeons are admitting many patients who will be a bride or groom in the upcoming months.

These patients are looking for everything from a Botox jab to liposuction, and some brides are going as far as getting breast implants or laser skin treatments so that they can look picture-perfect for their wedding day.

Dr. Brian Reagan, a plastic surgeon from San Diego, interviewed with The Plastic Surgery Channel and points out that “timing of your surgery prior to a major event like a wedding is very crucial. It’s important that you give yourself time to seek out multiple consultations, and give yourself not only plenty of time to heal when things go as planned, but…you need to give yourself time to do a revision if that’s necessary.”

Good advice, considering that thousands of women often need to undergo breast revision surgery or get a second liposuction treatment after their initial procedure.

But does getting plastic surgery before the Big Day present more risk than it’s worth? That’s ultimately up to the patient. The plastic surgeon can offer advice and recommendations about when to undergo surgery so that the bride or groom will heal properly well before the wedding, but there is always an inherent risk of slow healing or complications involved with all types of surgeries. Brides and grooms need to do extensive research about their procedure before heading to the doctor’s office, and should verify that their surgeon is board-certified and has a good track record.


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