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Airbrushing Replaces the Scalpel for Budget-Conscious Patients

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on August 12, 2009

j0438376During times when budgets are getting tighter and fewer people are heading to the cosmetic surgery office for a procedure, some are looking for inventive ways to enjoy a few quick-fixes for their appearance. Airbrushing is becoming an increasingly popular option for beach-bound men and women that want to appear slimmer in a bathing suit. The technique works by creating artificial shadows and contours on various parts of the body so that the area appears more toned, and in some cases, slimmer.

According to a recent article in the UK Times Online, airbrushing was once reserved only for celebrities and models that needed to look slimmer for a movie or a magazine shoot. However, many consumers are willing to shell a few extra dollars to have their photographs airbrushed, in lieu of plastic surgery. One photography chain in Britain reports a 550% increase for airbrushing services before a vacation. (Source:

Airbrushing makeup techniques are also an option for the self-conscious among us. Airbrushing can make the midsection look more toned and slimmer, and can also enhance the chest area – no surgery necessary. It’s a simple, non-invasive procedure that can produce profound results within minutes, and is relatively harmless to the skin.

Critics of airbrushing photography and airbrushing makeup believe they’re both just another part of the Western culture’s obsession to look like a celebrity, a vain attempt to improve one’s appearance. However, others think that airbrushing and other ‘imitation’ procedures such as teeth whitening and eyebrow tattooing are becoming more acceptable in some social circles, and may even become a trend in the oncoming years.

Airbrush makeup and tanning services are available at many day spas and salons around the United States and Great Britain, while full-body airbrushing services are often available through photography studios and makeup artists. Costs can range anywhere from $100 to $300+ per session depending on the area and amount of product needed to achieve results. Airbrushing photography service packages vary depending on the photographer and number of photographs that need to be modified.


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