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Lifestyle Lift Fined for Posting Fake Reviews

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on August 8, 2009

lifestyle liftLifestyle Lift, a cosmetic surgery franchise that offers a branded facelift procedure, has been fined $300,000 by the State of New York as a result of accusations that the company had been posting fake reviews about its products and services on its own website.

This is the first case in the United States to be made against a company that has been taking advantage of website promotions by posting fake testimonials and reviews, and the results of the case show that the company went as far as having employees create personal websites that also contained false testimonials and reviews about Lifestyle Lift and its procedures.

The company has over 40 locations in the United States, and did not formally admit or deny being guilty during the course of the settlement case. The company has now removed all web content that serves as a testimonial or review, and is reportedly enforcing policies that will no longer tolerate this type of behavior. serves as the central hub for all of its franchises, and includes detailed information about the Lifestyle Lift facelift procedure, as well as a free online consultation for prospective patients. The company has posted a highly-visible “Lifestyle Lift Code of Internet Conduct and Assurance” badge on its home page, that states:

“Lifestyle Lift® pledges that all Internet communications accompanied by the trademarked Lifestyle Lift® logo are fair and accurately represent the latest in medical information about facial firming procedures. The comments and photographs are from actual patients and fairly represent the results and opinions of thousands of our patients. Lifestyle Lift® is proud to take a leadership role in establishing new standards of Internet conduct and communications. We promise that any Internet communication accompanied by our logo can be relied upon as true and accurate; and all communications originating from our practice will be clearly identified with the Lifestyle Lift® logo.”

Consumers are warned to review all websites outside of in detail to ensure that the Lifestyle Lift logo is visible.  Websites such as and other sites that do not bear the official Lifestyle Lift logo or trademark may not be legitimate review sites.

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