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Dysport Released in Cosmetic Surgery Centers in Texas

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on July 29, 2009

dysportDysport, the latest alternative to Botox Cosmetic, is making waves in the United States and has recently entered the cosmetic surgery market in North Texas.

The injectable is now available at medical spas and cosmetic surgery clinics around the northern half of the state, and people have already started booking up treatment packages for this innovative wrinkle treatment.

Dr. Jeffrey Adelglass of the Skintastic Medical and Skin Rejuvenation Center in Dallas, Texas is one of several doctors who has introduced Dysport into his clinic. Dr. Adelglass recently interviewed with CBS11 TV News to discuss the unveiling of Dysport in the Dallas community, and reports that in some cases, Dysport offers even more benefits than Botox. The injectable works in the same way as Botox by relaxing the muscles under the skin and smoothing out deep grooves and lines. Most people request Dysport or Botox injections for their forehead, but the injectable can also be used on other parts of the face to achieve a more youthful look.

Until now, Botox has been the leader in the industry for injectable fillers, earning the top ranking for minimally invasive procedures for both men and women for several consecutive years. Dysport is a new product that it similar in chemical structure to Botox, and offers the same benefits and effects. The injectable has been available in New Zealand and the United Kingdom for several years, but was not approved for use in the United States until it received FDA approval in early 2009.

Dysport is manufactured in Great Britain by Ipsen Limited, and is currently available at select medical spas, skin rejuvenation centers and anti-aging centers around the United States. Treatment costs are similar to Botox, and in some cases may be slightly lower. Dysport packages where the patient receives a series of treatments are also available, since this injectable does disintegrate after several months.


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